Charlestown Landmarks

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Most of the important cultural and historic landmarks on the island of Nevis are centered on the town of Charlestown, which is also the main port of entry.  Visitors, regardless of where they are staying, can easily arrive on the island, spend a few hours checking out sites and learning about local heritage before continuing on to their lodgings. 


Museum of Nevis History

If you like to expand your knowledge of other people and places, you might enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation in Charlestown. To learn complete information about each museum, you can click on the name.

One popular destination is Museum of Nevis History. It is located in Charlestown. The Museum of Nevis History features a variety of exhibits spanning the history of Nevis and present of Nevis. From environmental studies, Nevis history, and even some international history including a entire section dedicated to Alexander Hamilton.

Another popular destination is Horatio Nelson Museum. It is located in the heart of Charlestown. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson lived from 1758 to 1805, and although he was born in Anguilla, was stationed on the island of Nevis with the British Royal Navy long enough to fall in love with prominent local Fanny Nisbet. Now, tourists can learn about the life of the admiral via a collection of his personal belongings at the Horatio Nelson Museum.

Nevisian Heritage Village: The homes here date back to the Carib Indian era and though the structures themselves are replicas, inside are antiques and artifacts that truly give guests an idea of what it was like to live here. Structures include a rum shop, the shoe-makers shop, a black-smithy, and private homes.

The chart directly below enables you to learn more information about some museums to consider in and around the area.

Museums In and Around Charlestown
Name Phone Location
Horatio Nelson Museum (869) 469-0408 Central Charlestown
Museum of Nevis History (869) 469-0408 0.9 mi. West of Central Charlestown
Nevisian Heritage Village (869) 469-5521 4.3 mi. East of Central Charlestown
Sports Museum -- 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Charlestown

Historical Sites

In case you enjoy exploring the historical roots of a foreign place, you might enjoy visiting a few of these historical attractions during your vacation.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Bath Hotel Historic. It is located in the heart of Charlestown. Built it 1778, the Bath Hotel is considered to be the first tourist hotel on Nevis and in the Caribbean. Foreshadowing the era to come, the hotel and spa welcomed visitors to relax in their spas and to enjoy the tropical island.

Another landmark worth visiting is Charlestown Courthouse. It is found within Charlestown Library and located in the heart of Charlestown. If you walk up the stairs to the second floor of the Charlestown Courthouse, not only will you discover a lovely sanctuary that houses the public library, but you'll feel as though you've walked into the underside of an overturned boat. The exposed beams on the ceiling were designed to look like the hull of a ship, and many people stop here simply to take a picture of the unique room.

Hamilton House: The Hamilton House is the birth place of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father the of the United States. Today, it also serves as the location of a museum.

Look through this table for more information on historic sites in Charlestown.

Historic Sites In Charlestown
Name Phone Location
Bath Hotel Historic -- Central Charlestown
Charlestown Courthouse (869) 469-5521 Central Charlestown
Fort Charles -- 1.2 mi. West of Central Charlestown
Hamilton House (869) 469-3015 0.8 mi. North-Northeast of Central Charlestown
Historic Jewish Cemetery -- Central Charlestown
Montravers Estate -- Nelson's Spring, 1.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central Charlestown
Nevis Slave Market Ruins -- 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Charlestown

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests can experience some other intriguing landmarks in and near the area.

The table right below has a few details concerning other kinds of sites of interest to vacationers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In and Around Charlestown
Name Type Location
Christena Memorial Plaque Monument 1.1 mi. West-Northwest of Central Charlestown
South Nevis Lighthouse Lighthouse 2.8 mi. South-Southeast of Central Charlestown

If you would prefer having a wider selection of attractions beyond just these, you should find others. For more information on other attractions for Charlestown, read this page.


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