Spas In Charlestown

Directly in Charlestown, there is nary a spa or luxury salon to found.  On the outskirts of town on the island's resorts is your best place to look if you're interested in a facial or any body treatments like a massage.  Additionally, there are a few local licensed massage therapists that have their own spas that offer a more intimate appeal. 

If a visit to the spa sounds like fun, you might be happy to discover several of them in this area.

If you'd like to indulge yourself, you might want to check with Four Seasons' Spa. From sugar skin buffs to hot stone massage, at the Four Seasons Spa you will enjoy treatments right on site or in the privacy of your own room. They are located within Nelson's Spring, 2.0 mi. North-Northwest of central Charlestown.

Another good option is Montpelier Plantation Spa Suite. The Montpelier Signature Treatment utilizes a combination of mango butter and sea salts during the main portion of the massage, then nourishing coconut oil in the last few minutes. They also offer deep tissue, sports, hot stone, aromatherapy, Indian head, and reflexology massage as well as skin buffs, body wraps, scrubs, facials, and hand and foot treatments as well. They can be reached at (869) 469-3462.

A third good option is The Spa at Hamilton Beach. Coming Soon to Hamilton Beach Villas, the spa will be the perfect chance to relax. Overlooking a beautiful tranquility garden, the spa at Hamilton Beach has the perfect environment for a healing and relaxing spa treatment. They're located in Saint Thomas Lowland Parish, 3.0 mi. North of central Charlestown.

Take a moment to look through the table just below for a brief summary.

Spas Near Charlestown
Name Phone Location
Four Seasons' Spa (869) 469-1111 Nelson's Spring, 2.0 mi. North-Northwest of Central Charlestown
Montpelier Plantation Spa Suite (869) 469-3462 Pond Hill, 1.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Charlestown
The Spa at Hamilton Beach (869) 469-5320 3.0 mi. North of Central Charlestown

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