Taxis in Charlestown

Taking a cab when you need to and walking where you can is how it is done in Charlestown

Not many people will need to travel over long distances once on Nevis, especially if they are looking to stay in Charlestown. For those times where you cannot walk to where you are going, hailing a cab serves just fine.

Taxi Companies

Taxis are not hard to find in Charlestown, especially if you stick to the major tourist destinations, and you will recognize them because they are minivans with yellow license plates that have the letter “H” stamped on them. They will be looking for you as much as you are looking for them too. Additionally, if you are anywhere near the Charlestown Ferry Terminal, or any of the , you should be seeing multiple taxis. If you are having trouble located a taxi on the street, you can try calling.

City Taxi Stand is the one taxi service listed on our guide. You can reach them at (869) 469-5621; they're located on Main Street just outside the heart of Charlestown.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis in Charlestown are not known for their cheap prices, but if you only utilize this service on occasion, or you think it is worth the expense to have someone in the know drive you around, it shouldn't be too much trouble to include a little extra for this portion of your budget. Rates here are set in advance and posted at the airport or the ferry terminal, but your driver should have a rate card on hand as well.

One final tip is that taxi drivers are also great tour guides and you can hire them to take you around the island for two and a half hours for just $80(USD). This price is good for five passengers.


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