Attractions in Charlotte Amalie

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There are many attributes that recommend Charlotte Amalie as your destination of choice in the US Virgin Islands.  One of these is that fact that there is more to see and do here than nearly any other town in the chain.  Along with the beaches and other natural sites, there are several museums, historic sites, and even a casino gaming facility to keep you entertained during your stay.


Magens Bay

You will discover an abundance of beaches to visit, though they are all located in neighboring areas. Snorkeling is available at several locations, if some members of your party enjoy the underwater scene. Click on the name of each beach to get additional information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Sprat Bay Beach: A quiet, calm bay that is almost never crowded, this beach is lined by coconut trees and offers the ultimate tropical island shore experience.

Attractions Map

A second option for beach-goers to consider is Morning Star Beach. Morningstar Beach lures guests to its shores with pretty white beaches and exciting entertainment. You'll find plenty of development along these shores, as resorts are a beachfront mainstay.

Magens Bay: Magen's Bay Road (Route 35) allows drivers to ride directly up to the beach entrance.

Of course, the area is home to a wide range of beaches to choose from nearby. Go to this extended discussion if you'd like to find out additional specifics.

Landmark Attractions

Seven Arches Museum

One popular destination is Caribbean World Amber Museum. It can be found at The Inn at Blackbeard's Castle and located in Charlotte Amalie. Amber is an important gemstone in the Caribbean, so much so that there are several museums that focus all of their energy on the popular stone -- including Caribbean World Amber Museum at Blackbeard's Castle.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is St. Thomas Historical Trust. It is located in downtown Charlotte Amalie. The museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Seven Arches Museum: Since 1993, Seven Arches has been the home of Barbara Demaras and Philibert Fluck who have opened the historic building to the public for tours. This spot offers visitors a great opportunity to view a home set up to reflect life on the island of Charlotte Amalie in the past.

The area has a full range of places to see. If you're interested, learn more concerning other interesting places to visit in this area here.

Natural Attractions

Butterfly Garden

Visitors who enjoy the natural environment are likely to enjoy visiting Hassel Island Historic Park. Once connected to St. Thomas at the edge of the harbor, this island was separated and turned into a completely new island by the Dutch who hoped to create better water circulation. Today it is privately owned, but an important natural and historical landmark.

Butterfly Garden is another option worth considering. Come explore the fascinating world of butterflies at the Butterfly Garden. Located at the end of the Havensight cruise ship dock, this is a great relaxing place to visit where you see exotic species of butterflies from around the world including South America, Asia and Africa. You’ll learn about these amazing creatures which brings delight to children when they get such an interactive experience. If you just want to take pictures of these natural beauties you are welcome to do that as well.

Charlotte Amalie offers additional natural attractions. Visit this article which is all about natural attractions in this area if you're looking for some more details.


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