Fort Shipley Ruins

Built during the British Occupation, Fort Shirley was meant to fortify the harbour and secure British Naval Supremacy. However, in time the fort would find itself slowly crumbling and forgotten. Luckily for it though, its relative isolation ensured that during stone shortages that its walls were not scavenged, at least not by human hands. Weathering and time has taken its toll and today the fort stands as ruins. Travelers to the area are still likely to see the major perimeter of the walls, as well as many artifacts throughout the area.


You will still be able to see the walls of the fort, and several buildings still have their foundations. As you walk through the woods to get here, you may also notice that there are more than just trees. Old buildings have been reclaimed by the island, a striking image compared to Charlotte Amalie just across the channel.

Staying Close

You may enjoy staying on Hassel Island if you plan on visiting Fort Shipley Ruins, since visitors to this part of the Virgin Islands will be pleased to have easy access to this historic attraction during their visit. There is an adequate quantity of lodgings in the area around this historical site.

Hotels near Fort Shipley Ruins
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Miller Manor Hotel 0.5 mi. (1.0 km) N
The Crystal Palace B & B 0.6 mi. (0.6 km) NNE
Bellavista Bed and Breakfast B & B 0.7 mi. (0.6 km) NNE
Galleon House Bed & Breakfast B & B 0.7 mi. (0.3 km) NE
Bunker Hill Hotel B & B 0.7 mi. (0.4 km) NE
Windward Passage Hotel Hotel 0.8 mi. (0.3 km) NE
Hotel 1829 Hotel 0.8 mi. (0.3 km) NE

Location and What's Nearby

Set on Hassel Island, Fort Shipley Ruins is situated within Hassel Island Historic Park, and welcomes local residents and vacationers rooming on this part of the island or nearby. But even if you aren't staying particularly close, you should consider dropping by to check it out.

To get the fort, you will need a private boat, kayak, or book a charter to Hassel Island. From there you will need to hike Southeast of the slipway. There are few maintained trails and no paved roads, so it is useful to have a GPS, good hiking shoes, and at least a decent working knowledge of the area.

There are a couple of close-by open air options to pursue when you and your group are not viewing Fort Shipley Ruins. Tourists interested in trying out their proficiency on the golf course, might want to do so at the nearest golfing facility, which is Herman E. Moore Golf Course. If you aren't a golfer, think about checking out Sprat Bay Beach, which is the closest beach to Fort Shipley Ruins. Also, your group will likely encounter a couple more outdoor choices in the vicinity. If you would rather stay inside, there are also several other interesting local sites you may want to check out. Another nearby place of interest to Fort Shipley Ruins is Creque Marine Slipway Ruins, which can be found a short distance away.


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