Shopping in Charlotte Amalie

When you ask seasoned tourists where the best shopping in the US Virgin Islands, the almost unanimous answer would surely be Charlotte Amalie.  Whether you're dropped off in town for a day ashore by your cruise ship, or you're spending your entire getaway here, knowing where to look for the best product and bargains is key.

In the Caribbean, it is common to purchase goods from locals hawking their wares on the streets.  In Charlotte Amalie, however, there are regulations that keep these type of stands in one location called the Vendors Plaza, which is located at the corner of Veterans Drive and Tolbod Gade.  You can shop here from 730 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday (unless there is  cruise ship in port on Sunday, then some will come out in hopes of making a few sales) and pick up a number of handmade souvenirs plus silver jewelry, printed clothing, and imitation items like purses and watches.  You can also sample local food at different booths and take a picture with a donkey.  Tillett Gardens is another district for arts and crafts fo consider.

Most people spend their time shopping on Main Street, where many local businesses are located in buildings that were once warehouses owned by pirates.  Back Street and Waterfront Highway are other shopping spots, and a few malls scattered around as well.  It is in these locations that you'll find the luxury goods at low prices.  These include Swiss watches, diamonds and other pieces of jewelry, home goods, clothing, electronics, and more. 

A few tips for shopping in Charlotte Amalie include avoid shopping during cruise days if you're staying on the island and don't be afraid to haggle.  Typical store hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday even on holidays, but most places are either closed on Sundays or only operate on a half-day schedule. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs you might want to visit Captain's Corner Downtown, which is located in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Much of what is sold at Captain's Corner is nautically themed, or tropical in some way, and many of their items are exclusive to the shop. This includes local crafts like shell jewelry and wood carvings. You will find them on Main Street.

Another place to consider is Captain's Corner Havensight, which is located 0.9 mi. (1.5 km) to the southeast of Captain's Corner Downtown. The Captain's Corner is famous for their large t-Shirt collection and their many tropical themed novelties. Plenty of their offerings are exclusive to them, like locally produced coral jewelry, wood crafts, and more. You can contact them at (340) 774-7959.

A third shop you might enjoy is Get Charmed Main Street. You will find plenty of different charms at Get Charmed that fits all personalities. Their most famous charms though is definitely their sandal charm, which lets you wear a small, sandal shaped jewelry piece around your neck on a necklace chain. Find them at 10 Main Street.

Many of the gift and souvenir shops located in Charlotte Amalie are listed right below.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Charlotte Amalie
Name Type Phone Location
Bernie's Treasures Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 774-8750 Charlotte Amalie
Captain's Corner Cruz Duty Free Store (340) 776-6284 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Captain's Corner Downtown Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 774-8435 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Captain's Corner Havensight Duty Free Store (340) 774-7959 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Caribana Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 776-2411 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Carson Antiques Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 774-6175 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Dilly D'Alley Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 776-5006 1.0 mi. East of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Get Charmed Main Street Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 344-6186 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Hot Look Sunglasses Sunglasses Shop -- Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Just Imagine Gifts, Souvenirs, and Handicrafts -- Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Seven Wonders Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 776-5460 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Southern Exposure Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 774-6767 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Valentine Gifts Raadets Gift and Souvenir Shops (340) 777-9494 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie

Specialty Shops

One of the popular speciality shops in the area is Bambini Fine Arts Gallery. They are found within downtown Charlotte Amalie. Named for artists Vincent Bambini, Bambini Art Gallery Studio is located in a 200-year-old house that is in the process of being restored by Bambini himself and partner Elen Swane. Bambini'a cutting edge pieces have won him recognition the world over, even appearing in music videos on MTV. Visitors will be able to find them at 5130 Trompeters Gade.

Another option is Fish Face, which is located less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from Bambini Fine Arts Gallery. From handmade art and jewelry to underwater photography and Caribbean inspired clothing, Fish Face has everything. If you have questions and want to call before you go, you can do so at (340) 775-5129.

Admiralty Dive Center: This locally owned and operated dive center is a full-service facility that offers training and daily dives as well as retail and rental dive equipment. As an added bonus, charters are available for private trip, and they specialize in cruise ship excursions. If you would like to call in advance, do so at (340) 777-9802.

Several specialty shops in Charlotte Amalie are displayed here:

Specialty Shops In Charlotte Amalie
Name Type Phone Location
Admiralty Dive Center Dive Shop (340) 777-9802 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Alpha Jewelers Jewelry Store (877) 425-7425 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Ballerina Jewelers Jewelry Store (340) 776-3701 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Bambini Fine Arts Gallery Art Gallery (340) 514-1200 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Blue Island Divers Dive Shop (340) 774-2001 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Camille Pissarro Gallery Art Gallery -- Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Cardow Jewelers Dronningens Gade Jewelry Store (340) 776-1140 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Colombian Emeralds Charlotte Amalie Jewelry Store (284) 494-7477 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
DYNASTY DAZZLERS Jewelry Store (340) 774-2222 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
DYNASTY DAZZLERS Jewelry Store (340) 776-8935 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Fish Face Art Gallery (340) 775-5129 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Gallery St. Thomas Art Gallery (340) 777-6363 Charlotte Amalie
Grand Jewelers Jewelry Store (340) 776-8200 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Imperial Jewelers Jewelry Store (340) 776-8570 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Liberty Jewelers Jewelry Store (888) 436-7937 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Okidanokh Goldcraft Jewelry Store (340) 775-3060 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Pandora Havensight Mall Jewelry Store (340) 776-8550 0.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Pandora Main Street Jewelry Store (340) 774-3672 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Renaissance Jewelers Jewelry Store (340) 774-4510 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Trident Jewels Jewelry Store (340) 776-7152 Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Clothing and Apparel

Want to shop for some clothing? You might want to try Mr. Tablecloth -- which is found within downtown Charlotte Amalie. With over thirty years of experience, the original Mr. Tablecloth has been making wonderful cloths, gowns, jackets, and other items of their own design made out of a special fabric. They specialize in customized orders and provide the highest of quality to everyone. Guests will find them at 6 Main Street.

Another good option is CLASSIC USVI -- which is located a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Mr. Tablecloth. This surf shop features items and clothing that reflects the island lifestyle. They use eco-friendly and socially conscious techniques and designs to stay true to this culture. If you have questions and want to call ahead of time, do so at (904) 410-8390.

A third option for clothing is Zora of St. Thomas. Zora's features custom or handmade items, which means that each item you leave here with will be unique to you. If you want to call ahead of time, do so at (340) 774-2559.

Glance through this table for a listing of apparel shops that can be found in this area.

Clothing and Apparel In Charlotte Amalie
Name Type Phone Location
CLASSIC USVI Clothing Store (904) 410-8390 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Clover's Shoe-Tique Shoe Store (340) 714-7220 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Hot Look Sunglasses Sunglasses Shop -- Downtown Charlotte Amalie
I Levin Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (340) 774-2060 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie
Mr. Tablecloth Clothing Store (340) 774-4343 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Zora of St. Thomas Clothing Accessory and Handbag Store (340) 774-2559 0.3 mi. East of Downtown Charlotte Amalie

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? Moe's Fresh Market is located in eastern Charlotte Amalie. You can be sure that every item on the shelf at Moe's is of the highest quality no matter the time of year. In addition the authentic StoneHouse submarine sandwiches, they sell deli meats, gourmet cheeses, fresh baked breads, organic coffee, special cuts of black Angus beef, fresh seafood, hot meals, and wines kept in the temperature controlled StoneHouse Cellar. They're located at 6205 Smith Bay Road.

A second possibility is Belgian Chocolate Factory, which is found 4.2 mi. (6.7 km) to the west of Moe's Fresh Market. The Belgian Chocolate Factory houses some delicious treats that people of all ages will be after. From creamy truffles to sweet chocolate covered strawberries, you will be able to find all kinds of chocolate here. Guests can find them at 37 Main Street.

Laline Crown Bay: While exploring the Crown Bay area, stop by and take a look at the locally owned shop where you'll find something to give yourself a make over. Laline specializes in make-up, perfumes, and lotions that will have you looking refreshed. Find them on Subbase Road.

Be sure to look at the chart below if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores Around Charlotte Amalie
Name Type Phone Location
Belgian Chocolate Factory Confectionery and Nut Store (340) 777-5247 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Laline Crown Bay Nutrition and Body Care Store (888) 525-4637 1.9 mi. West-Southwest of Central Charlotte Amalie
Moe's Fresh Market Grocery Store (340) 693-0254 3.9 mi. East of Central Charlotte Amalie
Muhsen's Supermarket Grocery Store (340) 775-3027 Downtown Charlotte Amalie
Pueblo Supermarkets Estate Thomas Grocery Store (340) 774-2695 Charlotte Amalie
Weekes & Weekes Bakery Bakery (340) 776-0663 The vicinity of Charlotte Amalie

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