Buses in Chetumal

Buses in Chetumal are used to get north to Cancun and across the southern border to Belize

Bus services within Chetumal are extremely limited, though you may be able to flag down a collectivo on occasion. Instead, tourists use buses to travel between Cancun and Chetumalas well as over the border to Belize.

Chetumal to Cancun Buses

The main bus terminal in Chetumal is located on Insurgentes at Ninos Heroes, which is approximately 20 blocks from the center of town. This terminal handles the arrivals and departures of buses traveling between Cancun and Chetumal with the ADO, OCC, and Cristobol Colon bus lines, as well as those that cross the border to Belize.

Although each bus line has its own schedule and fees, there is a bus leaving about every hour for between $9 for a second class ticket and $25(USD) for a deluxe ticket. Regardless of which ticket you purchase, you'll find these buses to be a far cry from the image of a rickety bus wheezing along on its last breath. These buses are luxury level with comfortable seating, air conditioning, movie screenings, and bathrooms on board.

Those who will arrive in Chetumal by bus from Cancun will find an official taxi stand just outside of the bus terminal, allowing them to get a taxi to take them the rest of the way to their accommodations.

Buses to Belize

Because Chetumal is located so near the border of Mexico and Belize, there are several buses that offer transportation from one country to the next, and some even continue on to Guatemala. These buses arrive and depart from the main terminal mentioned above, but also from the Lázaro Cárdenas Market and the Terminal de Combis on Hidalgo at Primo de Verdad.

Buses to Belize City depart daily at 7:00 a.m. and take three hours to get to their destination for the price of about $10(USD). From there the bus continues on to Flores,Guatemala for an additional $20(USD). You can also take a bus to Corozal, though these buses are not very comfortable, do not have air conditioning, and lack much room to store luggage. These buses leave every hour starting at 4:30 a.m., take 45 minutes, and costs $1.50(USD).

Travelers who will return to Chetumal from Belize City or Corozal should note that Mexican buses are not permitted to carry passengers across the border leaving from Belize. This means you'll have to travel on a bus operated by a Belizean company.

When you've got plans to visit more than one destination during your stay, long distance buses that travel between Cancun and Chetumal as well as across the border to Belize are a great option both because they are comfortable and inexpensive. Take this option into consideration as you begin to plan your getaway and you might just find it to be an enjoyable experience on top of it all.


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