The Sacred Cenote

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The Sacred Cenote is a pool of water believed to have been a sacrificial well for the Mayas. It is said that they would paint the children they would sacrifice to the god blue, and then toss them into the cenote. This is just a legend, though researchers have found a number of skeletons here that feature wounds indicative of sacrifice.


The surface of the water is about 65 feet deep into the sinkhole, and the cenote itself is another 65 feet deep.

Staying Close

Consider staying in Yucatan if you plan on visiting The Sacred Cenote, as those visiting this area of Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean will be pleased to have convenient access to the historical site for the duration of their trip. The area around this site remains relatively quiet, particularly since there is such a modest selection of places to stay nearby.

Hotels near The Sacred Cenote
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Mayaland Hotel & Bungalows Hotel 0.6 mi. (0.2 km) S
Hacienda Chichen Resort Lodge 1.3 mi. (2.4 km) WNW

Location and What's Nearby

There are an adequate number of restaurants to consider in the neighborhood around The Sacred Cenote. La Casa Del Mayab is an easy to reach buffet close-by, making it a great option for site patrons. The dining establishment is a slight ways off, but removed enough that you will want to plan on having some method of transportation to get there. Xunan and Las Mestizas are additional refreshment choices nearby where visitors will be able to try something different in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean.


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