Landmarks in Christiansted

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Despite measuring in at only one square mile, Christiansted is overflowing with important landmarks.  The central part of town is known as "Historic Christiansted" and a nice stroll down the cobblestone road will take you to some of the top visited sites, which exist in addition to the famed Fort Christianvaern.


Steeple Building

Assuming you like to expand your knowledge of unfamiliar places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum while on vacation in Christiansted. Try clicking on the name of each museum to learn additional information.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit St. Croix Archaeological Museum. It is found within downtown Christiansted. Preserving the history of St. Croix, this Archaeological Museum is where the historians and archaeologist place the artifacts and treasures of St. Croix's past. Through these relics, archaeologist and anthropologist are able the figure out how they lived, and help assemble a complete picture of the past.

Attractions Map

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Steeple Building. It is located within downtown Christiansted. Exhibits at the Steeple Building include ancient Indian artifacts, Victorian and Danish architecture, and a study of the plantation era with a great deal of emphasis on the slave industry.

Apothecary Hall: Take a look at the Apothecary Museum to see how illnesses and injuries were handled in the 1800's. With basic technology, and often short on supplies, settlers relied on these early pharmacies for medicine and basic aid.

The chart right below provides some key facts concerning some available museums in Christiansted.

Museums In Christiansted
Name Phone Location
Apothecary Hall (340) 772-0598 Downtown Christiansted
St. Croix Archaeological Museum (340) 277-4072 Downtown Christiansted
Steeple Building (340) 773-1460 Downtown Christiansted

Historical Sites

Fort Christiansted

In case you like to experience the historical roots of an unfamiliar place, you might want to visit a few of these historical attractions while on vacation in Christiansted.

A common landmark for vacationers is Scale House. It is located within downtown Christiansted. The Scale House is open until 4:30pm everyday of the week. It opens at 8:00am during the week, while on the weekends it opens an hour later at 9:00am.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Customs House. It is found within downtown Christiansted. Although the Customs House is closed to the public, it is popular amongst tourists who can't seem to get over the architectural beauty. This spot is often filled with visitors snapping pictures on the sweeping staircase that leads to the entrance.

The Lutheran Church: Guests are welcome to come view the Dutch architecture, and peek in the windows at the Lutheran Church. Inside, you will see memorial plaques and artifacts from Denmark.

Take a moment to look through the following chart for a listing of historical sites in Christiansted.

Historic Sites In Christiansted
Name Phone Location
Customs House (340) 773-1460 Downtown Christiansted
Fort Christiansted -- 0.2 mi. East of Downtown Christiansted
Government House (340) 773-1404 Downtown Christiansted
Scale House (340) 773-1460 Downtown Christiansted
The Lutheran Church (340) 773-1460 Downtown Christiansted

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors may discover some other intriguing local landmarks in this area.

Many travelers choose to visit Christiansted Boardwalk. It is situated in downtown Christiansted. There are many ways to explore downtown Christiansted, though one of the most popular is definitely a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk that stretched along the cities northern coast. As you wind along with the wooden planks as they travel from the Harbour Ship Base to D Hamilton Jackson Park, you will pass some of the most popular bars, restaurants, and shops on the island.

The chart below lists some key facts concerning other kinds of sites of interest to travelers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Christiansted
Name Type Location
Christiansted Boardwalk Scenic Trail Downtown Christiansted
Fort Louisa Augusta Light Lighthouse 0.9 mi. Northeast of Downtown Christiansted

Fortunately, you can find plenty of other types of attractions. To read our guide to other attractions, visit this page.


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