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It's always a safe bet to head downtown when you're looking for something to eat in Christiansted, but it certainly isn't the only place to find good food. Anywhere in the heart of the city as well as to the west of town is where you'll have the easiest time finding a variety of restaurants. Be sure to look for the smaller local dining establishments on even the least populous of streets for some good eats.

Caribbean and Local

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For vacationers who like finding intriguing flavors that are particular to the areas they visit, Christiansted has a good variety of genuinely local choices to pick from. Caribbean and Mexican dishes are among the selections you'll find in the area. Be sure to remember that you will be able read additional details regarding each of the options shown on the page by clicking on them.

Angry Nates is located at Holger Danske Hotel and has a couple of cuisines to try, including Caribbean and International. Angry Nates serves a menu of varied International dishes, with the main focus being on fresh caught seafood. Favorite dishes include seafood pasta and white chocolate bread pudding. They're located at 1200 King Cross Street.

You may enjoy trying Harbor Master Beach Club. Sink into the rhythm of the islands by dining like locals do. Breakfast and lunch is available daily at Harbor Master Beach Club, and you won't want to miss the special Tuesday night dinner.

Savant offers a few different cuisine options to choose from, including Caribbean and Mexican. The eclectic mix of cuisines at Savant includes the fragrant, spicy, and flavorful cuisines of Thailand, Mexico, and the Caribbean into a single menu that is sure to please the adventurous,with such dishes as Maple Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin and Miso Honey Noodles. However, more reserved diners will be thankful to find more traditional entrees as well, such as filet mignon and fajitas. They can be found at 4-C Hospital Street.

The table down below will show you the 6 different possibilities you will be able to see in Christiansted.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Christiansted
Name Location Type Phone Number
Angry Nates Downtown Christiansted Caribbean, International (340) 773-3600
Breezez Bar & Restaurant 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Downtown Christiansted Caribbean (340) 718-7077
Harbor Master Beach Club Downtown Christiansted Caribbean (340) 773-2035
Kim's Restaurant Downtown Christiansted Cajun, Caribbean (340) 773-3377
Savant 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Christiansted Caribbean, Mexican, Thai (340) 713-8666
Singh's Fast Food 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Christiansted Caribbean (340) 773-7357

European and Asian

Travelers will find a number of Asian restaurants in the vicinity, but you shouldn't anticipate finding much in the way of European food. In addition to Indian-style food, you will also be able to choose from Thai and Mexican restaurants, among other options.

Travelers might want to think about trying 40 Strand Eatery. 40 Strand Eatery is a cozy, urban restaurant that has a focus on bringing their customers great food. Their Chef's Todd Manley and Brant Pell feature signature house-crafted cocktails, unique dining offerings and a stellar wine list. A great example of one of their unique dining offerings is the Danish Smorrebrod, a traditional Danish open-face sandwich. Visitors can find them at 40 Strand Street.

balter: balter delivers elegance and simplicity. Award-winning chef Digby Stridiron utilizes fresh and locally sourced ingredients to create his dishes, while Sommelier Patrick Kralik selects one-of-a-kind cocktails and wines.

Galangal is a nearby option you might like to visit. The Asian cuisine at Galangal centered are Thai, Vietnam, and Malaysian dishes. Using the most fresh ingredients available is important to the restaurant, so it takes care to choose organic offerings, as well as pickings from their very own garden. Visitors will find them

The table just below presents the 6 relevant possibilities you will be able to see inside Christiansted.

European and Asian Restaurants in Christiansted
Name Location Type Phone Number
40 Strand Eatery Downtown Christiansted Danish (340) 201-8633
Ace Roti Shop 0.5 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted Indian (340) 719-7684
China Panda 1.0 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted Chinese --
Galangal Downtown Christiansted Thai --
Savant 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Christiansted Caribbean, Mexican, Thai (340) 713-8666
balter Downtown Christiansted Indian (340) 719-5896

American and Other

Rum Runners Restaurant

You will find a handful of locations that serve American cuisine in Christiansted. Additionally, diners will be able to choose between International meals, as well as other options.

Rum Runners Restaurant is situated at Hotel Caravelle and is a local breakfast and brunch spot located within downtown Christiansted. Dig into a juicy steak or the day's fresh seafood catch at Rum Runners. Additionally, the Deck Bar also offers a special panini menu for guests who are there to drink rather than sit down to a full meal. If you're looking for something specific, call them at (340) 773-6585.

Sharkey's Bait Stand is a nice restaurant in the area to consider. Don't expect anything too fancy from Sharkey's, they serve up fried food like chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and hot wings. This sports bar is about having a good time with simple and tasty food. Visitors can find them on East End Road.

Zion Modern Kitchen: Zion Modern Kitchen offers traditional American food from the amazing culinary team of Michael Ross, Eddie ManNamara and Ryan Mclain. They utilize fresh and sustainable raised foods and try to treat each customer with love and respect. They're located at 2132 Company St..

Cafe Fresco is a local café located in downtown Christiansted. Stop by Cafe Fresco for a kick-start to your morning or for a refreshing lunch during the warm Caribbean days. The fresh food and quality cooking is sure to help you enjoy your day. The property is located at 1138 King Street.

Take a look at the collection just below to find information on these kinds of possibilities within the area.

American and Other Restaurants in Christiansted
Name Location Type Phone Number
Angry Nates Downtown Christiansted Caribbean, International (340) 773-3600
Cafe Fresco Downtown Christiansted American, Eclectic (340) 719-0126
KFC Golden Rock 1.1 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted American --
McDonald's Golden Rock 1.2 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted American --
Rum Runners Restaurant Downtown Christiansted International (340) 773-6585
Sharkey's Bait Stand 0.7 mi. East of Downtown Christiansted American, International, Tex-Mex (340) 719-9935
Subway Golden Rock 1.2 mi. West of Downtown Christiansted American --
Zion Modern Kitchen Downtown Christiansted American (340) 773-9466

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