Christiansted Taxis

Taxis are plentiful in Christiansted

There are a number of reasons to recommend utilizing taxi cabs as your main source of transportation during your stay in Christiansted. Among them, the fact that you'll allow a driver familiar with the landscape and local transportation laws to get you from place to place quickly and efficiently, and the fact that you'll be supporting the local economy.

Taxi Companies

Still, if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, the cost of hailing a cab can add up. As a tourist, you'll have to determine whether relying on a knowledgeable driver or saving money is more important to you.

The great thing about Christiansted is that since it is such a popular tourist center on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix, there are always plenty of taxis driving around, ready to pick visitors up and show them around. Along with the taxi stands at the airport, like the well trusted St. Croix Taxi Association, there are also a few on King Street. You also have the option of calling to arrange pick up ahead of time.

If you're out and about, you can also hail a cab if you catch one driving down the street. It is important to realize, however, that taxis in Christiansted do not look like the ones you might be familiar with from back home. Instead of four passenger vehicles, taxis here are generally vans that will seat six to 12 passengers, and they do not all look the same. You will still be able to recognize that it is a cab by the dome light or taxi placard on the roof, and license plates that have the letters “TX” in them. Cabs will also have a sign indicating whether it is on or off duty, and note whether or not he driver's taxi license is on the vehicle's dashboard. If you do not see identification, it is possible you have happened upon a “gypsy taxi,” which is an unlicensed taxi that does not abide by local taxi regulations. Avoid these types of cabs.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Another thing that is noticeably different about cabs in Christiansted is that they are not private vehicles. Instead, drivers will continue to pick up passengers on their route until the vehicle is full. While this can be disconcerting for some, the more people in the taxi, the lower the rate is per person, so more visitors are on board after a few rides. If you prefer a private cab, you will have to pay the driver the price of four seats.

In order to standardize cab fare across the board, the Virgin Islands Taxi Association has nixed the idea of having metered cabs in favor of set rates that are based upon cab occupancy and the known distance between one location and another. The rates are updated regularly, and your driver should have a rate card on hand for you to view before you commit to a ride. Make sure you settle on your rate before you take off so that you are not surprised by any extra fees that you were unaware of. For example, if you need the cab to stop somewhere, it will be $1(USD) per minute after the first five minutes that the cab is waiting, $2(USD) per bag if you have more than one bag to put in the trunk, $20 to $30(USD) per kennel if you are traveling with animal that is properly contained, and an additional $2(USD) per person if you are traveling between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Wanting to know how much a taxi ride will set you back? Look at the following array of examples.

Typical Fares Around Christiansted
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 24.00 Downtown Christiansted Frederiksted
$ 12.00 Downtown Christiansted Sunny Isle Shopping Center
$ 15.00 Downtown Christiansted Great Pond
$ 15.00 Downtown Christiansted Solitude Bay
$ 12.00 Downtown Christiansted Coakley Bay Ruins
$ 16.00 Downtown Christiansted Henry E Rohlsen Airport
$ 22.00 Downtown Christiansted Salt River Bay National Historic Park And Ecological Preserve
$ 15.00 Downtown Christiansted Estate Mount Washington Plantation
$ 8.00 Downtown Christiansted Golden Rock Shopping Center
$ 10.00 - $ 12.50 Christiansted Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort & Spa
$ 24.00 Downtown Christiansted Cane Bay Beach

Taxis in Christiansted also provide private tours for tourists who request them. Each taxi company has its own tour offerings and prices. For example, the St. Croix Taxi Association has three tour options, one of which originates in Christiansted. For $100(USD) for four passengers ($20 for each additional passenger), the tour will take you along North Shore Road towards Frederiksted and return to Christiansted via Centerline Road, stopping at points of interest along the way. The trip lasts three hours.

Like anyone who has provided you with a service, taxi drivers are happy to accept tips. On the U.S. Virgin Islands, somewhere between 10 and 15 percent is common, but you can tip however much you want based upon the merit of the driver.

Taxis can be an expensive way to get around Christiansted, but for many tourists they are worth being able to avoid having to drive themselves around in an area unfamiliar to them.


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