Christiansted Transportation Options

The view as you arrive in Christiansted will take your breath away, urging you to continue to explore

The capital of the island chain when they were known as the Dutch West Indies, Christiansted is one of the most unique towns on earth. Constructed by Africans who were enslaved by the Dutch, the cityscape as you sail or drive into town is row upon row of pastel buildings with red tile roofs featuring Danish architecture with a hint of African styling. Just how you decide to get around will dictate how many of these structures you’ll be able to see during your time on the island.

Getting There

Although you do not fly directly into Christiansted, the local airport is just 10 miles down the road. Most tourists make their way to the town aboard an airplane, however, the option of sailing your own watercraft or stopping in for a day as part of your Caribbean cruise is a possibility as well.

Getting Around

Because Christiansted is such a popular destination, the options for transportation around town are plentiful. Some will prefer the ease of hiring a taxi and letting a local do the driving, others will want to be in control of their comings and goings and choose to rent a vehicle, and still others will thrill at the adventure of putting their trust in the public bus system.

Air Travel

Without consistent ferry service, air travel is one of the only reliable ways to reach St. Croix and Christiansted. Luckily for airborne travelers, a nearby international airport and a local seaplane service makes taking to the skies easy and convenient. click here to find out more about your options.


There are not many ways to get to Christiansted. Boating, however, is one of them. Since ferries do not go to St. Croix at all, maritime travel to the island is limited to charters and private sailors. Recognizing this, you will see quite a few charters advertising themselves if you are in Charlotte Amalie.

If you want to head over to Christiansted by sea, you can click here to learn about the various charters, as well as the marinas and docking regulations for those bringing their own vessel.


The cruise port on St. Croix is located at the western point of the island in the other main town of Frederiksted. After millions of dollars were spent to revitalize the area, the cruise dock there, known as the Ann E. Abramson Pier is a very popular destination for cruise ships these days. Welcoming up to 10 ships a month, many cruisers will deboard and take a cab directly to Christiansted (which will cost between $11 and $24(USD) each way) for a day of exploring.

Rental Cars

If you are older than 25, have a valid driver's license, and a credit card with an available balance of several hundred dollars, you're the perfect candidate for a rental car in Christiansted. These are the only conditions required of you in order to secure private transportation for yourself and your traveling companions during your vacation. Once you have determined that you are able to rent a car, your job is to look into the qualifications of Christiansted's available agencies. Here you will find a collection of locally owned and international franchises with vehicles that range in price from $30 to $150(USD) a day. Take into consideration what perks these agencies offer, what deals they have going on, and how easily accessible their locale is to you before you book your reservation – which should always be done at least one month in advance if at all possible. Click here for more tips on renting a car in Christiansted.


The vehicles known as taxis in Christiansted are just slightly different looking than what you are probably used to back home, and have no conformity amongst them whatsoever. These taxis range from vans that seat up to 12 passengers to trucks that have been modified to hold up to 24 on benches for an open air ride called a “safari.” Rates are set based upon the number of passengers as well as distance from place to place, so don't expect to enjoy a private ride unless you're willing to pay extra for it. Drivers here are very professional and amiable, and can be hired to take you on a tour of the island if you happen upon someone you get along with. Learn all about taxis in Christiansted, including exact rates by clicking here.


Every day of the week except for Sunday, tourists can take a ride for just $1(USD) aboard the Vitram Public Bus System. It runs from Christiansted to Frederiksted every two hours from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. While this can be a great way to travel between the islands two major towns on a budget, the service is not very reliable, and should not be depended upon to get you somewhere on time.

The bus travels along Routes 75 and 70, making stops at the Golden Rock Shopping Center, Sunny Isle Shopping Center, Ville La Reine, Saint George Village Botanical Gardens, and Estate Whim Museum.


Although there are currently no ferry services offered to or from St. Croix, there is a ferry terminal located in Christiansted. Service could up and start running again at any time, so be sure to find out before you leave for your trip if a ferry will be available to you.

The options for getting to and around Christiansted seem endless, but you'll now pretty quickly which methods work best for you. The key is to make sure you book any flights, cruises, or rentals in advance, and to make room in your budget for whichever transportation you decide upon. From there, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.


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