Attractions on Chub Cay

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Everything you could need or want on the 1,000 acre retreat that is Chub Cay is located within a walking distance that is comparable to two city blocks.  Outside of an airport, a marina, a few places to stay, and even fewer places to eat, the island remains quiet and is never over-crowded or overly busy.  

Attractions are of the natural sort, encouraging guests to put on their comfy shoes and go out an explore the local scenery, or throw on a bathing suit and spend time relaxing on the beaches.  


You'll find a pair of beaches to consider on the island. Just click on the beach names for detailed information about that beach.

The table right below provides you with some details regarding the beaches that can be found on the island.

Beaches On Chub Cay
Name Location Coast
Chub Cay Southeast Beach 1.4 mi. East of Central Chub Cay South East
Chub Cay Southwest Beach 1.8 mi. West of Central Chub Cay South

Keep in mind that the Bahamas is home to other beaches. Those needing to get more information concerning beaches in the Bahamas here.

Although there may not be very many specific sites to be explored, there is no reason to overlook Chub Cay as your next vacation destination.  Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, and this is exactly the place to do it.


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