Activities in Cockburn Town

Although one of the most populous settlements in Turks and Caicos, Cockburn Town retains a charming, quiet, and rustic feel that allows guests easy access to area attractions and activities without having to give up on the tranquility that is desired in an island getaway.  With more than 1,000 shipwrecks around the island over the years, Cockburn Town is ideal for scuba diving; sightseeing is a great way to learn about local history; and shopping is another great activity as well.  

Bike and Scooter Rental

This historic town is known for its tiny streets that can make modern cars a little inconvenient. Bike and scooters, on the otherhand, can be the perfect companion for anyone looking to explore Cockburn Town.

If you like the idea of experiencing the wind in your face, there are 3 places that can help make it happen. Navigate here to read our page regarding bike and scooter rentals.


Cockburn Town Diving

Cockburn Town is situated on Grand Turk, renowned as one of the best dive destinations in the entire world. Using the small city of Cockburn Town as a base of operations during your trip gives you all the conveniences of the larger Grace Bay, as well as the rustic feel of the other Caicos islands.

There are two dive operators and at least 6 good dive sites in the area. To read a more complete discussion of diving opportunities in this area see this page.

Sailing and Boating

The following chart provides you with a few details regarding local providers that can help you spend some time on the open water.

Boating Opportunities In Cockburn Town
Name Type Phone Location Island
TI Reef Adventure Boating and Day-Sailing Provider (649) 441-7710 0.9 mi. Northeast of Central Cockburn Town Grand Turk

If you're interested in reading about nearby marinas and charter operators go to this page.


If you're going to be traveling with some foks who enjoy exploring new shops they might enjoy exploring a few of the area's 8 retail stores. Visit this article if you want to know more about shopping in and around Cockburn Town.


H.M. Prison Museum

Plan on also spending some time enjoying the sights, sounds and culture of Cockburn Town. To reach our detailed page about sightseeing attractions and opportunities, visit this page.

The chart below summarizes more details concerning a firm that will direct you to some of the most enjoyable local sights.

Sightseeing Services Near Cockburn Town
Name Phone Location
Blackman's Tour Service (649) 343-4438 2.1 mi. South of Central Cockburn Town
Grand Turk Helicopters (649) 432-8888 1.9 mi. South of Central Cockburn Town
Mama Dea Tour Service (305) 433-7722 2.1 mi. South of Central Cockburn Town


If you enjoy snorkeling there's good news -- you can easily find places to do so while vacationing in Cockburn Town. To see our complete guide to local snorkeling opportunities, click here.


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