Renting a Bike or Scooter in Cockburn Town

Cockburn Town, is a historic city built with rather small streets that many tourists can find hard to navigate in a regular-sized vehicle.  These visitors may feel more comfortable procuring a bicycle or scooter to get around town when hailing a cab isn't a priority, or simply for a day of sightseeing in a unique way.

If you are thinking about exploring a new environment with the wind in your face, there is one place that can help you.

If you want to go riding, you can check with Tony's Rentals. For over half a decade, Tony's Rentals has been servicing the people of Cockburn Town with not only your typical car rentals, but also scooter and bicycle rentals. Everyone is covered no matter how they want to get around thanks to Tony's. They are found in the heart of Cockburn Town.

Check out the table below for more information.

Bike and Moped Rental In Cockburn Town
Name Type Phone Location Island
Tony's Rentals Bicycle, Moped, Motorcycle and ATV Rental Service (649) 946-1879 Central Cockburn Town Grand Turk

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