Snorkeling Around Cockburn Town

Cockburn Town is home to one of Grand Turk's best love snorkeling beaches, and there are also several really great deep water snorkeling spots that can be accessed after only a 10 minute boat ride.

The Library is the the most popular snorkeling beach on the island, and it is set in Cockburn Town.  Here, you can walk right into the water and in just a few feet have access to a healthy and lively reef system made of hard and soft corals and home to several different species of fish.  This beach can be busy due to its popularity, so if you decide to rent a snorkel kit as you explore some of the other beaches in the area, you won't be disappointed.  

Grand Turk is also home to a lush wall system, and there are numerous little cays in the chain that have reefs that are great for snorkeling.  For this reason, it is highly recommended that you also plan to sign up for a snorkel tour or head out with a dive boat to see some of these offshore locales.  This will allow you to get a broader picture of the diversity of the sea life throughout the Turks and Caicos.

Snorkeling Sites

If you want to experience what's down below you should consider a visit to Old Pier. This site is renowned for its divers marine life in waters that extend from 10 to 25 feet deep. The creatures you can expect to see include southern stingrays, frogfish, octopus, sea horses, and peacock flounder. This snorkeling site is located a short distance away South of central Cockburn Town.

Gibbs Cay is another option. The landscape of this site varies so that you'll have different sites to see right along the shore and about 150 feet out. Closer to where the surf breaks you'll often encounter southern stingrays in the sand flats, while further out in water depths of five to 15 feet is a coral reef where you'll spot barracuda, permit, trunk fish and lemon sharks.

A third place to consider is Gregorian Wall. Recommended for advanced snorkelers only, this site begins at 20 feet deep and is home to some of the larger sea creatures you might hope to see in the area. Great visibility allows you to see plankton, hogfish, parrotfish, barracuda, and Nassau grouper.

A fourth place where you can go snorkeling is The Library. The reef fall starts at around 15 feet deep and give snorkelers a chance to view both hard and soft corals that are home to wrasse, snappers, sergeant majors, barracuda, parrotfish, and grunts. You may also encounter a sea turtle. If you want to check it out, this site is located in northern Cockburn Town.

The chart directly below provides a few details regarding 4 of the best places where you can go snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Cockburn Town
Site Location
The Library 0.9 mi. North-Northwest of Central Cockburn Town
Old Pier 1.6 mi. South of Central Cockburn Town
Gibbs Cay 2.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Cockburn Town
Gregorian Wall 2.8 mi. North of Central Cockburn Town

Snorkeling Services

If you looking for a business offering snorkel rentals, excursions, or similar services, you can check with Papa J Tours. Whether you're interested in signing up for an excursion created to offer tourists the most exhilarating sailing and snorkeling experience possible, or you'd like to charter the boat for a private trip, this operator has you covered. They are situated a short distance away South of central Cockburn Town.

A second company that offers snorkeling related services is Crystal Seas Adventures. For two hours your guide will take you snorkeling to two different sites known for their clear waters that are so calm even the little ones can get involved.

A few details concerning a couple of firms that offer snorkeling services are shown in the following table.

Snorkeling Services In And Around Cockburn Town
Name Phone Location
Crystal Seas Adventures (649) 946-6977 0.8 mi. Northeast of Central Cockburn Town
Papa J Tours (649) 231-0400 1.8 mi. South of Central Cockburn Town

To learn more about snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for beginners and "pros" check out this detailed guide to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

If you can't spare enough time for snorkeling from a beach in Cockburn Town as well as some of those offshore locales, make sure you at least have time to visit one snorkeling site in the area.  The peaceful yet exhilarating experience is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip.


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