Taxis in Cockburn Town

Taxis are the most popular way for tourists to get around Cockburn Town

One of the first settlements in the the Turks and Caicos chain, Cockburn Town, remains one of the most popularly visited towns amongst tourists. There are plenty of attractions to take in, from the National Museum to the beaches, which are especially known for their great snorkeling opportunities. There is so much to do in such a small amount of space, that many tourists quickly discover the need for a rental car is not a great one. Instead, taxis can be used as a main source of transportation at very little extra cost.

Taxi Companies

Cockburn Town is located on the island of Grand Turk, which is home to an international airport as well as a cruise ship terminal. As you can imagine, taxis tend to congregate in these areas, but there are plenty to be found on the streets of Cockburn Town as well.

You'll notice that taxis here are actually mini or full-sized vans, designed to carry as many passengers at once so that the drivers have the opportunity to make as much money on each tip as possible. Don't be surprised if you get in a taxi only to have to wait for five or more minutes while the driver searches for more passengers.

Tiina's Taxi is the one taxi service for which we have information. You can reach them at (649) 941-3999; or find them on Leeward Highway in the heart of Cockburn Town.

There are more taxi companies located elsewhere on Grand Turk (generally closer to the Grand Turk Cruise Center). You can learn more about the options outside the town by looking at our Grand Turk Taxi Page.

Because Cockburn Town is such a tourist-driven area of the island, you can certainly plan to forgo renting a car for your stay here. Taxis serve as a great, and inexpensive, alternative to driving yourself around in a place where you are unfamiliar with your surroundings.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Rates on Grand Turk are set in advance based upon a zone system that the local taxi association has set up to make the experience of taking a taxi on the island that much easier. There are four zones, lettered A, B, C, and D; and Cockburn Town is located close to the center of the island in Zone B, which means in order to get from the cruise terminal to town it will cost $5(USD) per person. This is a pretty great rate for one or two people traveling together, but the pricing can get costly for large families and groups. Check the chart below for a description of the zones as well as the cost to take a cab to each zone. You'll also find a map with this information posted at the Grand Turk Cruise Center.

Taxi Fares from Grand Turk Cruise Terminal
DestinationRate per Person
Zone A (Cruise Terminal) $4.00 (USD)
Zone B (Town Center) $5.00 (USD)
Zone C (Cockburn North) $8.00 (USD)
Zone D (North of Town) $9.00 (USD)

On top of the basic fare you're responsible for, there are a few extra charges to be aware of. For example, you are allowed to place two pieces of luggage in the trunk per person, but anything more will cost you $.50 per bag. You will also have to pay $5(USD) per 15 minutes the driver waits for you at a stop if you need to run an errand, or ask the driver to wait on you as you visit an attraction. The good news is that children under the age of two travel for free.

If you're planning on taking a guided tour of Cockburn Town and nearby areas, don't overlook the possibility of hiring your cab driver to offer this service to you. Taxi drivers on Grand Turk are often trained tour guides, and for around $100(USD) you will likely be able to entice your driver to take you around for a few hours, explaining local sites to you, and letting you get out to have a look around.

Curious what you'll pay to use a cab? Scan this array of data.

Typical Fares Around Cockburn Town
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 12.90 Jags Mccartney International Airport None
$ 6.90 Jags Mccartney International Airport Cockburn Town
$ 6.90 Jags Mccartney International Airport Salt Raker Inn
$ 11.40 Grand Turk Cruise Center Grand Turk Ferry Dock
$ 6.00 Jags Mccartney International Airport Osprey Beach Hotel
$ 5.10 Jags Mccartney International Airport Grand Turk Cruise Center
$ 7.80 Jags Mccartney International Airport Grand Turk Ferry Dock

If you feel as though you've received good service from your driver, make sure to offer up a tip at the end of your ride. A gratuity of 15 percent of your total bill is the norm here.


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