Cockburn Town Transportation

Getting to Cockburn Town can take some doing, but it is worth the work

As the capital city of the Turks and Caicos, there are plenty of reasons to make the trip to Cockburn Town. This city is located on the second busiest island in the chain, and tourists will find plenty to keep them occupied. If a trip here is in the cards, make sure to begin planning your transportation options well in advance because it does take a small amount of work to make these plans.

Getting There

Whichever method of transportation you choose to get to Cockburn Town, there will be some planning required. If you fly, you'll have to arrange at least one connecting flight and plane transfer; if you sail you'll have to map out your entire route; and if you cruise you'll be introduced to a whole host of decisions to make by your cruise line. Read on for an overview that will help you to determine which option is best for you.

Getting Around

The two options that exist for getting around Cockburn Town are to rent a car or to hire a taxi. Both are known for their ease of access and reasonable prices, so it will come down to which method you feel most comfortable with in the end.

Air Travel

Cockburn Town is located within walking distance of one of two international airports in the Turks and Caicos chain, yet it currently only welcomes domestic flights. Those traveling to this town from outside of the island chain will first need to fly to the Providenciales International Airport then connect to JAGS Mccartney International Airport in Cockburn Town on either an Intercaribbean Airways or Caicos Express Airways flight. Learn more about flying to this destination by clicking here.


If you're planning to sail as your transportation to Cockburn Town, you'll need to clear in, then obtain a cruising permit to allow you to navigate local waters during your stay.  Luckily, this is an official port of entry, which makes the whole process that much easier.  Find out exactly what you need to do to sail to this location by clicking here


Not far from Cockburn Town, on Grand Turk's south coast, is the one and only cruise terminal in all of Turks and Caicos. It is not uncommon for a cruise ship to be in port four to six times a week during the high season between the months of December and April, with such lines as Carnival, Princess, Holland America, and Regent frequenting the port.

The Grand Turk Cruise Center is a luxury property, filled with everything a cruiser needs: duty free shops, restaurants, bars, spas, a pool, and even a beach that is popular for snorkeling. Many cruisers stay right on site, never leaving the 18 acre property, while others look forward to the opportunity to get out and explore. Inevitably, most of these tourists end up visiting Cockburn Town.

Rental Cars

Paved roads, street signs, and a set speed limit of 20 miles per hour make Cockburn Town one of the nicest and safest places to drive in the Turks and Caicos. If you plan on doing a lot of exploring during your vacation, make sure to rent your vehicle in advance so you ensure it doesn't get snatched up by cruise ship passenger looking to host his own island excursion. Check out our guide to Rental Cars in Cockburn Town to learn how to rent a car, as well as driving tips.


The cost of a taxi ride on Grand Turk is preset by the Grand Turk Taxi Association, and based upon a map they created that splits the entire island into four different sections. Cockburn Town is located in Zone B, so, for example, it costs $5(USD) per person to get to town from the cruise terminal. For more details about hailing a cab on the island, click here.

While many tourists consider planning how to get to Cockburn Town important, many others overlook how they'll get around once they arrive. Don't be caught without a ride when you arrive – make your plans now and stick to them to make your trip as smooth as it can possibly be.


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