Attractions in Coral Bay

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Although it is home to a number of restaurants and dive bars, there isn't much else to speak of directly within the limited area of Coral Bay.  In fact, it is rare for tourists to venture out this way, though for its natural, scenic beauty and seclusion it is worth the trip.


Lameshur Bay

There are a large selection of beaches to consider visiting, although all of them are located just outside of Coral Bay. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, for people who enjoy the underwater scene. Just click on the beach names to get additional information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

One beach that's good for snorkeling is Waterlemon Beach. It takes a bit of hike to make it to this secluded beach, but the crystalline, calm waters are so beautiful they are worth the trip.

Attractions Map

Another top pick for those who enjoy snorkeling is Waterlemon Cay Beach. In order to get to Waterlemon Cay, park your car at the Annaberg Ruins parking lot, then follow the trail to Leinster Bay. It should take about 20 minutes at a good pace.

Pelican Beach: Great for snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing, and sandcastle building, Pelican Beach is an all-around great spot for a day along the shore.

Of course, you will find a nice selection of choices for beaches nearby. To learn more about beaches available, use this link.

Landmark Attractions

Annaberg Plantation

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Emmaus Moravian Church. It is found within Coral Bay. Although visitors are welcome to join in on weekly service, the building is closed otherwise.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Annaberg Plantation. It is found 1.5 mi. Northwest of central Coral Bay. One of the main plantations to support the sugar industry on St. Croix during the 18th and 19th centuries, Annaberg Plantation was owned by the first Danish governor of St. Croix, Frederick Moth. Now, the property is in ruins and is a popular tourist attractions amongst those who wonder about the history of the plantation in the U.S.

Fredriksdal Ruins: Once the home to the magistrate of St. John, the property was sold to Frederick Von Moth in 1730s. Now, it honors him in name, a man who would later become a Governor of St. Croix.

But that's not all -- you'll be able to find other landmark attractions. To reach our detailed guide to other interesting places to visit in and around the area, use this link.

Natural Attractions

Virgin Islands National Park

Tourists who enjoy being outside will probably enjoy visiting Virgin Islands National Park. <p>Virgin Islands National Park is a huge endeavor, encompassing more than 7,000 acres on the island of St. John. The diverse landscape of the park lends itself to everything from trail hiking to swimming, and even camping.</p>

Another attraction to consider is Petroglyph Pool Waterfall. <p>Deep in the Virgin Islands National Park among tall trees, crumpling ruins, and centuries-old carvings you will be able to spot the Petroglyph Pool Waterfall. This tall fall cascades down to fill a pool that is famous for something more than the waterfall alone.</p>

These are merely a few of the places worth checking out To read more about natural attractions near Coral Bay, navigate to this page.


People don't generally stay in Coral Bay for its gambling opportunities, but there is one option nearby, Parrot Club. <p>Amidst the hopping nightlife scene on St. John is Parrot Club, the island's only gaming center. This keeps things busy because tourists don't have much choice, yet, the cool atmosphere makes it clear that it would stand out even if it were not the sole option.</p>


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