Scuba Diving Near Coral Bay

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Divers taking off from the Coral Bay area have easy access to over 25 dive sites that take less than 15 minutes to get to by boat.  Some favorites include Coral Bay Harbour for beginners; the Wreck of the Achilleas, which is a Greek boat which now lies in three pieces on its side; and the Vera K, which was a Lebanese Fighters Jet that was shot down and is now favored for its colorful coral archway.

There are dive services dive operators and at least 6 different dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators

Low Key Waterports

If you're looking forward to diving, you can check with Low Key Waterports. Low Key offers both snorkeling and diving equipment, as well as training for the diving. They can certify divers in general diving as well as in night diving. They are found within Cruz Bay, 5.5 mi. West of central Coral Bay.

Another option is Cruz Bay Watersports Diving. You can sign up for two tank morning dives, which are three hour trips that last from 8:15 am to 12:00 pm and depart daily. Afternoon three hour scuba dives are available from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You can call them at (888) 756-0631.

Be sure to look through the following table for a list of the area's dive operators.

Dive Operators Near Coral Bay
Name Phone Location
Cruz Bay Watersports Diving (888) 756-0631 Downtown Cruz Bay, 5.2 mi. West of Central Coral Bay
Low Key Waterports (340) 693-8999 5.5 mi. West of Central Coral Bay

Dive Sites

A few details concerning some of the area's dive sites are shown below.

Dive Sites Near Coral Bay
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Blinders Rocks -- -- -- 18.344515895 -64.6813321137
Booby Rock Dive -- -- -- 18.3025333953 -64.7094941139
Francis Bay -- -- -- 18.3662175272 -64.7504615772
Little Thatch Good Advanced Open Water / CMAS ** 118.1 18.38365 -64.713
Maple Leaf Dive -- -- -- 18.3137682786 -64.7310912609
Red Point -- -- -- 18.3255840969 -64.6726322221

For more information concerning diving, including suggestions and helpful tips for both beginners and experienced divers, read this detailed discussion of scuba diving in the Caribbean.


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