Coral Bay Rental Cars

Limited taxi services to Coral Bay make renting a car a must

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Calling Coral Bay a town is a bit of a stretch; rather it is a small community of villas scattered on the southeastern coast of St. John. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, this could be the perfect spot for you. However, a rental car or jeep will almost certainly be necessary if you're staying in Coral Bay -- where taxis aren't as common as in other parts of the island.

Renting a Car

There are no rental car agencies located directly in the Coral Bay area. Most tourists arrive on the island of St. John via ferry that docks in Cruz Bay, so the rental car agencies are all centralized there. You can pick up your vehicle and then drive to your accommodations in Coral Bay. Since most of the rental agencies on the island offer vehicle delivery, you could take a taxi to your villa, then rent a jeep or car after you've settled in for a day or two and are ready to venture away from your villa.

All of the rental car agencies on St. John are locally owned establishments known for their personalized service. These businesses rely almost entirely on your referrals, so they always try their hardest to make sure you are well-treated.

The table below shows the rental agencies in and around Coral Bay.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
C&C Car Rental (340) 693-8164 300 Enighed - Downtown Cruz Bay
Cool Breeze Jeep and Car Rental (340) 776-6588 North Shore Road - Downtown Cruz Bay
Courtesy Car Rental (340) 776-6650 300 Enighed - Cruz Bay
L&L Jeep Rental (340) 776-1120 13BE Enighed - Cruz Bay
O'Connor Cars Westin (340) 776-6343 The Westin St. John Resort - Cruz Bay

In order to rent a vehicle for your stay in Coral Bay, you will have to be 25-years-old or older, have a credit card with an available balance of more than $200(USD) (this number varies by agency), and have a valid driver's license from your country of origin. It is recommended that you reserve your vehicle at least one month in advance, because cars tend to book up fast on this island.

The Cost of Renting a Car

...jeeps and sports utility vehicles are recommended...


Rentals on St. John cost around $70 to $130(USD) a day, or $400 to $700(USD) a week, depending upon which type of vehicle you request, any added luxury amenities, and if you choose to add on insurance. While you can find most any type of vehicle on the island, jeeps and sports utility vehicles are recommended for those who will be spending a lot of time exploring and beach hopping. Much of the island is designated National Park land, and in some areas the roads are unpaved, so good suspension and four wheel drive can make it easier to get around.


As you drive into Coral Bay, you'll know you've arrived when you reach a place called “the Triangle.” A huge, colorful sign sits here that reads “Welcome to Coral Bay,” and has arrows pointing to the left and the right. The arrow pointing to the left leads to East End, and below the sign are postings of which shops and restaurants you'll find in Coral Bay along the way. The local church and fire station exist down that way. The arrow pointing to the right leads to Salt Pond, and below this sign are postings that detail what you'll find if you drive through Coral Bay that way.

...not a single stop light...


There is only one road through Coral Bay, and no gas stations. The road is paved, but it is common to see livestock congregating in the middle of the street. Patience it a virtue in this instance, because you will simply have to wait for them to move.

The rest of St. John offers a mixture of paved roads with street signs and unpaved roads made of dirt, gravel, and sand. There is not a single stop light on the entire island. The roads can be steep, narrow, and winding at times thanks to the hilly topography, so visitors are advised to take their time and drive slowly.

Driving is done on the left side of the road on this island, just like in much of Europe, but the steering wheel remains on the left side of the car like in the United States. It can take some getting used to, but most tourists are quick to adapt, and locals are used to being patient with tourists who are learning the rules of the road. Don't become discouraged if you hear a local give you a quick honk of their car's horn. This is actually a friendly gesture here, meant to encourage you or offer you a simple hello.

In addition to being on the lookout for livestock, watch out for pedestrians as well. Sidewalks are a rarity and hitch-hiking is common, so people are often walking up and down main roads.

Other Rentals

Although it is not the most recommended form of transportation, scooter rentals are an alternative to renting a full-sized vehicle in Coral Bay. Again, there are no scooter rentals directly in Coral Bay, but you can pick them up in Cruz Bay for between $50 and $70(USD) a day or $250 to $280(USD) a week. Check the chart below for Scooter Rentals on St. John.

Gas Stations

Be sure to check the table that follows for a few fueling options in this general area.

Gas Stations
Name Location
E&C Service Station Cruz Bay
Gas Coral Bay Route 107 - Coral Bay
Race Track Gas Station South Shore Road - Cruz Bay

Whether you prefer a vehicle with two wheels or four, Coral Bay is one of the few places in the U.S. Virgin Islands where having a rental at your disposal is a must.


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