What's Located Around Almond Tree Hotel Resort

Nearby Beaches

Travelers staying in this section of Belize almost always enjoy a visit to one of their gorgeous beaches. Having them available nearby will make this area particularly desirable.

Each place along the coast has its own distinguishing features that will undoubtedly affect which one you choose to visit. The two closest beaches to the property are Corozal Bay and La Barra Cedar Beach.

Corozal Bay is closest to the hotel. Since this beach can be found three and a half miles from the hotel, your party won't have to travel far to enjoy a beautiful shoreline. Corozal Bay features a long stretch of beach, adding to the local town area. The beaches are well integrated into the larger town and while small, still feature soft, white sand and calm waters perfect for swimming.

Nearby Areas

Hopping over to a town or community that neighbors your hotel can be a nice day trip that brings variety to your trip, no matter if you're just experiencing a night out in the area, or talking to some locals about their way of life. Almond Tree Hotel Resort is found on the northwestern side of Corozal District, in Belize; it's a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the south west of Corozal.

The following table contains a listing of areas near Almond Tree Hotel Resort:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Corozal 1.5 NE
Chunox 6.2 SSE
Santa Elena 7.5 N
Consejo 8.2 NE
Progresso 9.8 S
Caledonia 11.3 SSW
Sarteneja 16.9 E
Orange Walk 23.2 SSW
Shipyard 36.0 SSW

Nearby Attractions

The land mass is certain to provide plenty of fun activities for everyone, from the most laid back to the most active visitor. You might be especially interested in the attractions located very near to the hotel, such as Corozal House of Culture and Santa Rita. Both of these locales are excellent for tourists staying at Almond Tree Hotel Resort, but the nearest is Corozal House of Culture.

View the table below to learn more about what attractions are nearby:

Attractions Near Almond Tree Resort
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Corozal House of Culture Museum 1.3 NE Corozal
Santa Rita Historical Site 4.1 NE 2.6 mi. Northeast of Corozal
Shipstern Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 17.2 ESE 17.0 mi. East-Southeast of Corozal
Fireburn Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 17.0 SE 17.2 mi. Southeast of Corozal
Nohmul Historical Site 16.4 SW 9.5 mi. North of Orange Walk
Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 22.9 E 22.3 mi. East of Corozal
Banquitas House of Culture Museum 22.8 SSW Orange Walk

If you're on the lookout for an interesting place to visit, Corozal House of Culture is an alternative worth considering. Since it was originally built during the latter half of the 19th century, Corozal House has serves as a market place, a tourism center, an archeological management facility, and finally, a cultural center. Visitors who encounter Corozal House today find a beautiful community center which houses an art gallery of local works, and a museum of local history.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're deciding on a place to stay, it can sometimes be a good idea to find out about nearby lodging options as a way to get a feel for the region. You will find lots of other destinations to learn about before reaching a decision, as this part of Belize offers visitors an excellent range of resorts and hotels to pick from. The following table lists all of the hotel booking possibilities you can find close-by.

Accommodations near Almond Tree Resort
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Copa Banana 0.1 NNW 1.4 mi. South West of Corozal, Belize
Hotel Paradise Bay Villas 0.4 N 1.2 mi. South West of Corozal, Belize
Tony's Inn & Beach Resort 0.4 N 1.1 mi. South West of Corozal, Belize
Hotel Maya -- -- Corozal, Belize
Gibson’s Guest House -- -- Corozal, Belize
Hok'ol K'in Guesthouse 1.0 NE Corozal, Belize
Cactus VIP Hotel 1.0 NE Corozal, Belize
Mirador Hotel 1.3 NE Corozal, Belize
Princess Hotel Corozal 1.3 NE Corozal, Belize
Aldi’s Guesthouse 1.4 NNE Corozal, Belize

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