Renting a Car in Corozal

Get to know Corozal up-close-and-personal by renting a car

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The precisely planned roadways of Corozal make this town one of the best places for driving in Belize. While it is not recommended that tourists drive in Belize, Corozal gets a pass thanks to the easy-to-navigate roads.

Renting a Car

After flying into Corozal, you'll either get a ride to your hotel by a staff member sent to pick you up, or you'll take a taxi. From there, you can make arrangements to pick up your rental car somewhere in town. Someone from your hotel might take you, you can call a cab, or you can ask the agency you're renting with if they offer delivery – a common extra offered to tourists staying in this area.

Check the following table if you want more information.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Belize VIP Auto Rental (501) 422-2725 0.9 mi. (1.4 km) South West of Corozal
Corozal Cars (501) 422-3339 East Side Highway - Corozal

The Cost of Renting a Car

Before you even arrive in Corozal you can reserve your rental either on-line or over the phone. When you do, you'll be able to request the type of vehicle you'd like to drive. A variety of makes and models are available throughout the various agencies, and the type you request will depend on what you're planning on doing during your stay. If you'll stay around your hotel and use the rental to get out for shopping trips or to your restaurant reservations, a simple sedan will be fine. If you have plans to explore the surrounding area and find roads that are off the beaten track, you will most definitely need a sports utility vehicle to get around.

...road side services are limited...


Depending upon what you're asking for it will cost between $60 and $140(USD) a day. The price tends to go down during the rainy season, which goes from June to November, and is the low season of tourism.

To drive in Corozal, you'll need an International Driver's License or a valid license from your home country. If you'll stay in Belize for more than 90 days and want to continue to drive driving you'll need to apply for a local license. Be aware that you'll need to be at least 21 to rent a car, though the exact age will depend on the policy of the individual agency.

Before leaving the lot, always make sure to check the car for a spare tire, a jack, gasoline, engine coolant, washer fluid, and any damage. Not only do you want to make sure the vehicle is capable of lasting for the length of your vacation, but you want to make sure you won't be held responsible if something goes wrong.

Corozal is laid out in a grid formation, with numeric avenues running north to south, and streets running east to west. Driving into town, you'll arrive from Belize City by taking the Northern Highway, exit right into the town, and drop out on to First Avenue which runs along the waterfront. Seventh Avenue is the town's main road, a landmark to look out for if you become lost.

As you're driving around town, note that traffic moves to the right side of the road, and seat belts are mandatory. One perk for visitors from the United States is that speed limits are posted in miles per hour rather than kilometers per hour. The downside to driving in Corozal is that road side services are limited, and you'll likely have to contact the agency you rented your car came from if you run into mechanical trouble.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are availiable in Belize, but you'll want to make sure you always have cash in local currency on hand because most stations do not accept credit cards. It's always a good idea to fill up before heading off the beaten track.

Check the listing just below which presents a few refueling options in this general area.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Gas Station 10th Avenue Corozal
Texaco Corozal Corozal

It may not be necessary to rent a car in Corozal, but those who want to will find driving in this town to be pleasurable compared to many of the other towns and villages in Belize. If you itch to get behind the wheel during your getaway, you'll find this to b a great place to get out and drive around.


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