Corozal Taxis

Leave the driving to the locals who know the ins and outs of Belize

Unlike some of the larger cities in Belize, you won't find taxis driving around town looking to pick people up in Corozal.

Taxi Companies

Taxis in Corozal tend to blend in with other cars on the street, but you'll be able to differentiate by looking at the license plate which will be green if it is legal and licensed. Meters are not used, nor is there a standard set of fares, so you'll have to discuss pricing with your driver before you being your journey. Note that gratuities are not expected, but will never be turned down.

See this next table to reach local cab companies when you are in need of transportation.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Belize VIP Transfers (501) 422-2725 South End - Corozal
Corozal Taxi Association (501) 422-2035 First Street South - Corozal
GetTransfers (501) 422-2485 3 Bluebird Street - Corozal

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Unfortunately, with little regulation, no set rates, and no meters, it is hard to know exactly what you will be paying when you step into a taxi. You should expect to be given a rate anywhere between $2 and $5 (USD) per mile, so be sure to negotiate, or at least get a quotation ahead of time, otherwise you are likely to overpay.

Taking a taxi in Corozal doesn't require a lot of prep work, but the fact that it is hard to plan for the price can be worrisome for some. Just make sure to have plenty of small bills in local currency on hand, and you shouldn't have any trouble making this a source of transportation that you use regularly throughout your stay.


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