Corozal Transportation Options

There are plenty of ways to see what the border-town of Corozal has to offer

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A quaint seaside town on one side of the river that separates Mexico and Belize, Corozal is set apart from the busy tourist centers of the country. A beach vacation without the crowds is what you're signing up for here, with trips to the interior to focus on eco-tourism as part of the fun. Because Corozal is located along the border and near the sea, transportation options here are endless.

Getting There

You can travel to Corozal any way that pleases you. Whether you're a frequent flier, you've got a boat of your own geared up to an adventure at sea, you prefer to all-inclusive nature of a cruise ship, or road tripping it is your style, how you get to your vacation is up to you.

Getting Around

Corozal is so small that you can easily get around on foot, but just because you can doesn't mean you want to or even have to. Rental cars, taxis, buses, and ferries all serve as means to get from one place to the next here, and they are all available for tourists to take advantage of.

Air Travel

A flight to Corozal means you'll be transferring airlines at least once along the way. Direct flights to Belize City, Belize are available out of four U.S. Cities: Houston, New Orleans, Raleigh, and Miami. If you're flying from anywhere else in the United States or Canada, you'll connect in any of these cities or in Guatemala or Honduras. Then, when you arrive in Belize City at the country's only international airport, Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, you'll have to switch to a domestic airline to make your final flight to Corozal where you'll land at the Corozal Airport.

Click here for complete details about flying to Corozal.


As one of Belize's most popular sea port, this is a great destination for those either chartering a yacht or sailing their own vessel. You have 24 hours from the time you arrive in local waters to report your whereabouts to immigrations and customs, so it is recommended you said directly to port and ask to speak to customs. When you do, you will be responsible for presenting four copies each of a list of the ship's stores, your crew list, and all of your boats official documentation. It shouldn't be too hard to gain clearance, and once you do you are allowed to stay for 90 days.


Belize City Cruise Port, which is about 15 minutes away from Corozal by car, is the official port for all cruise ships that enter the country. This makes Corozal an easy destination for those who are only in the country for one day.


Driving from the border of the United States and Mexico, it will take you 24 hours straight to get to Belize, but once you arrive on the Belizean side of the border you'll take a fork in the road, drive for three miles, and find yourself already having arrived in Corozal. When you cross the border you'll need to show proof of ownership, lease, or rental of the vehicle you're driving as well as purchase Belize Liability Insurance and a one-month importation permit, and register your vehicle to your passport.

Rental Cars

...roads are set up in a grid system...


Corozal is unique in Belize because the town's roads are set up in a grid system that makes it easier for tourists to find their way around without getting lost which makes it one of the places that is recommendable to driving in a country where tourists are often discouraged from renting a car. If you're interested in renting a car, you'll need to be at least 21-years-old and have a valid driver's license. You'll spend between $60 and $140(USD) a day, though prices are known to go down during the summer months when it is the rainy season and the low tourism season. Find out more about renting a car for your stay here when you read our guide to Rental Cars in Corozal.


Taxis can be a little tough to find in Corozal, but they do exist. Without set prices or meters, you will have to make sure to negotiate a price before leaving. For a list of companies, and some example taxi fares, head over to our Corozal Taxi Guide.


The buses of Belize connect city to city by providing tourists an inexpensive means of long distance travel.  Unfortunately, this means visitors will not be able to use buses to get around more locally in Corozal.  This is still a great option to consider if you have plans to see more of the country outside of Corozal.  Click here to learn more.  


With its long coast and many cays, Belize benefits from extensive ferry services. These “water taxis” transport visitors from the hub in Belize City to the many coastal areas along the coast, including to Corozal. Just keep in mind that while many Corozal bound travelers will begin their ferry ride in Belize City, the route will not be direct – the water taxis act more like buses than they do taxis, and will take some stops along they way. The final stop before reaching Corozal will be San Pedro, which is worth a visit anyway. To find out more about the ferry routes to Corozal, click here.

Tourists who plan for trips to Corozal are usually looking for a quiet, laid back getaway without much hassle. One way to avoid the stress of planning is to do a lot of research before you begin to make any final decisions. The information above will certainly help you to do so and in the end you'll have put together the vacation of your dreams without going gray.


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