Cozumel Buses

Buses are now available on Cozumel

Residents of Cozumel fought for a long time to introduce reliable bus services to the island, and finally within the last five years their dream became a reality that tourists can take advantage of as they explore this island in the Mexican Caribbean.

... transportation of island residents...



Although there has always been some form of public transportation on Cozumel, it has been in poor condition, poor form, and unreliable at best. The strong presence of the local taxi unions has prevented a reasonable bus service from taking hold, but finally local activists prevailed and a more reasonably priced, modern, and reliable public bus system was born.

These buses are meant for the transportation of island residents, a fact that is evident in the lack of foreign language signs, drivers that speak English, and even routes that stop at popular tourist destinations. That does not mean that they can't be used by visitors.

The main bus terminal is located at the Chedraui Plaza, and buses on each route leave at intervals of every 20 to 30 minutes. You'll find the stops each bus makes printed on the front windshield of each bus, and you can expect to spend less than $1(USD) per person to ride.


Bus routes are plentiful, but again, very few of them cater to tourists. The chart below details a few that might be helpful for those who plan on using the local bus system.

Four Chedraui Plaza
Avenidas 10, 65 & 90
Juarez @Caracol
Soriana Supermarket
Centro de Salud
Seven Chedraui Plaza
Multiple stops along Avenidas 30 & 65
Seguro Social
Flamingos Chedraui Plaza
Unidad Independencia
Avenida 65
Norte 10 Av Sur
Calle 4 Norte
PJ Coldwell
Calle 12 Norte
65 Ave
Calle 35 Sur
PJ Coldwell

If you're interested in saving money and getting around like a local, the buses in Cozumel are the perfect choice for you. Keep correct change on hand in pesos, memorize the routes that will be of use to you, and learn a few phrases in Spanish to get you by, and you'll find this option to be a welcome reprieve to the high cost of taxis on the island.


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