Cozumel Reef National Park

Photo Credit: © Nick Mustoe CC BY

Cozumel Reefs National Park was dubbed a protected area in 1996 and within its barriers are located 85 percent of the island's dive sites.


Positioned on the outskirts of San Miguel, west of downtown, Cozumel Reef National Park welcomes residents and guests who are lodging in this town or an adjacent neighborhood. However, even if you aren't staying particularly close, you should consider stopping by to check out the sights.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most enjoyable options while spending some time exploring the area is having food at a restaurant within traveling distance of the wildlife reservation. The nearest place to eat to Cozumel Reef National Park is Rock'n Java, which sells International dishes. Rock'n Java is just around a short distance away from the wildlife reservation, so stop by and try something off the menu. Also nearby, you'll encounter options including Cafe De La Ile and Mexico en los Signos so you don't need to be picky, since you'll find a number of restaurant choices.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find a couple other attractions in the area, including Chac Tun Cave Tour/ Paintball City, which is within traveling range in the Riviera Maya.

Location: San Miguel, Cozumel


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