Playa Oriente

On the east coast of Cozumel (known as the "other side of the island") is Playa Oriente. This locale is primarily known as the home of Mez Calitos, one of the oldest bars on the other side. When you aren't enjoying a drink at the bar, you'll find the beach a wonderful place to relax, but only strong swimmers should venture out into the water because the rip tides can be dangerous.

Located near the heart of the island of Cozumel, Playa Oriente is on the East coast of the island, You might want whether or not you're staying in the vicinity. Even if you love being in the middle of all the action, there are some perks to visiting a beach that isn't surrounded by thousands of hotel rooms; less popular beaches like Playa Oriente might not be typical "beach scenes", but are nice and private.

Amenities and Ambiance

Playa Orient's white sand shores are lined with hammocks and beach chairs with umbrellas to shelter beach goers from the sun. Though the beach's deep blue waters can be hard to resist, visitors should be aware that rip tides can occur here.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, which is something to consider if you're bringing the kids, or plan to spend all day outside.

If you tend to enjoy coasts that offer those who visit an idyllic experience, then you may want to try Playa Oriente; it is found in a less urban sector of the region.

What's Nearby


Playa Oriente is always a lovely side-trip when you're in the area. Look for it on the East coast of Cozumel. It is near some interesting sites like Gallery Azul, which is one of the attractions in the region.

Beaches are nice for a few hours here and there, but there will be more options available in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. The table below lists other attractions that are nearby.

Activities and Attractions Near Playa Oriente
Attraction Type Distance Direction
Gallery Azul Art Gallery 9.0 mi. NW Cozumel
Arte de Origen Art Gallery 9.4 mi. WNW Cozumel
Cozumel Country Club Golf Course 9.8 mi. NW Cozumel

Cities and Towns

Playa Oriente is in the San Miguel area, so travelers staying in town won't have far to go. Playa Oriente guests hoping to find some additional excitement might consider heading over to San Miguel, since it's close-by and is an area full of activity. From the coast, San Miguel isn't out of reach at eight and a half miles (13 and a half kilometers) away.


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, depending on time of day, season, and how many people have booked nearby hotels. This beach is not near many large hotels, but it's often visited by visitors staying at smaller lodgings in the area.

Because this beach is situated in a relatively popular vacation destination, it usually isn't very difficult to find exactly the kind of hotel you're looking for nearby. For visitors looking to find a place that's near the beach, the following table shows the closest accommodations to Playa Oriente.

Accommodations near Playa Oriente
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Casita De Maya Hotel 8.2 NW Hotel
La Casona Real 8.8 NW Hotel
Suites Bahia 8.9 NW Hotel


You might not find any places to eat near this beach, so you may choose to pack a lunch for your time spent at the beach.

Other Beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beach locations to choose from on Cozumel, so if Playa Oriente doesn't sound like your type of scene, you have options.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Sunset Beach, another area that offers sufficient time for relaxation. Still, if you're searching for something a little more active, Playa Punta Morena may be just what you're looking for. It's found one and a quarter miles to the south west.

Another location you may want to try is Dzul Ha, another favorite sun-spot in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean.

Playa Oriente could be the ideal stretch of sand, but it is possible that it may not be the best choice for your family; if so, Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean offers a variety of beaches for travelers who wish to try elsewhere.


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