Spas In Cozumel

If you're in the mood to be pampered on your vacation on Cozumel, you're in luck.  There are plenty of spas to choose from, with most of them offering an array of standard treatments, as well as a few special offerings of their own. Some of these spas are located in local hotels, while others are independently owned and operated.

Barefoot on Cozumel

Cozumel is home to the only place in Mexico that offers massage by foot, in which up to 95 pounds of body weight is put to use as a trained massage therapist stands on your back and massages you with their feet. This service is offered at Barefoot on Cozumel

Islander Fish Spa
Finding a spa that you'll like shouldn't be hard, given the fact that there are 11 different spas in this area.

If you want to relax you should consider Islander Fish Spa. This spa specializes in fish therapy. This unique spa treatment, which rapidly growing in popularity, makes almost everyone laugh and relax. They are located in Southern Cozumel, in southwestern Cozumel.

Another option is Spa del Sol. The spa aims to treat both chronic and acute ailments while providing release of emotional and physical stress through massage. Also on their menu of offerings, guests will find acupuncture, posture alignment, reiki, biomagnetism, ear candling, and floral therapy. You can call them at (987) 872-6474.

A third good option is Bliss Day Spa. Purify the mind, body, and spirit at the hands of some of the most highly trained massage therapists in the area when you book a treatment at Bliss Day Spa. Whether you're looking to soothe aching muscles, detox your body, or simple pamper yourself, you can do it all at this peaceful full-service facility. They're located within downtown San Miguel.

Be sure to look at this table for a brief summary of local establishments.

Spas On Cozumel
Name Phone Location
Bliss Day Spa (987) 120-1326 Downtown San Miguel
Blue Dahlia Wellness (987) 113-4018 Downtown San Miguel
Cocay Spa Cozumel (800) 435-3240 2.4 mi. South West of Central downtown San Miguel
Cozumel Palace Spa (888) 327-0652 0.6 mi. South West of Downtown San Miguel
Islander Fish Spa (987) 120-3807 9.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central downtown San Miguel
Natural Spa Cozumel (987) 103-5974 Cozumel
Savia Spa -- 3.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central downtown San Miguel
Serenity Spa (987) 871-0652 Cozumel
Spa Cozumel (987) 688-0054 1.8 mi. West-Southwest of Central San Miguel
Spa del Sol (987) 872-6474 Downtown San Miguel
Thai ZENSPAce (987) 872-9900 ext. 1302 10.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central San Miguel

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