Cozumel Transportation

Finding transportation for your trip to Cozumel shouldn't be a struggle at all

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One of the most popularly visited spots in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is actually an island set off the the Yucatan Peninsula that is known for gorgeous beaches and a busy nightlife. Visitors come from around the world to spend their days in the sun and their nights on the strip. Planning to make this happen should begin as far in advance as possible to give you plenty of time to make arrangements and find great deals – particularly when it comes to finding transportation.

Getting There

Thanks to an international airport on the island, Cozumel's main form of transportation is air travel, however, it's also home to a popular cruise port and a luxury marina tourists who enjoy sailing can visit as part of a Caribbean tour or aboard a private yacht.

Getting Around

Many people choose to walk from place to place when they visit Cozumel, especially when they stay at resorts on the beach, but it is nice to know what your options are when you need a break. Here, rental cars, taxis, and buses (to some extent) are possibilities, and there is a ferry available for tourists who won't fly direct or want to visit Playa Del Carmen.

Air Travel

Although a smaller island off the coast of mainland Mexico, Cozumel is home to its very own airport, the Cozumel International Airport. Flights are available with several major carries in the United States and Canada, but if you can't find a good option that way, you can always fly to nearby Cancun International Airport then book a domestic flight to Cozumel. Find out more about both options by clicking here.


Independent adventurers love the idea of sailing from international waters to their getaway on Cozumel. This is certainly a possibility if you have the know how, and take the time to learn what is required of sailors who travel here from afar. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity to hire locals to take you sailing around the island. Find out more about these possibilities by clicking here.


Cozumel is a top cruise destination not only in the the Yucatan Peninsula, but in all of the Caribbean. It is so popular in fact that 20 to 30 cruise ships dock at one of the three regular cruise ports each week during the high season. That means 70 to 80 thousand visitors descend upon the island each week – not to mention the ships that dock at a smaller port nearby with planned excursions to Playa Del Carmen. The cruise docks include Punta Lnangosta in San Miguel which is frequented by Norwegian, Disney, and Seven Seas; Puerto Maya which is most often used by Carnival, and International Pier, which sees a wide variety of cruise lines dock there. Each is just a few minutes away from Downtown San Miguel by taxi, never costing more than $10(USD) to get there.

Rental Cars

Renting a car on Cozumel can be frustrating for many, and although it is not discouraged completely, those who don't really need to rent might consider using public transportation instead. Local rental agencies are often overbooked, which can leave even visitors with reservations without a ride, and it is not uncommon to arrive and find out the price you were quoted was wrong. Take a moment to read our guide to Cozumel Rental Cars to find out more.


...the most recommended form of transportation...


Perhaps the most recommended form of transportation on Cozumel is the local taxi service. Readily available at all of the most popular tourist spots including the ferry and cruise terminals and resort areas, you can also call and have a driver pick you up. Rates are low as well, and you can get a ride to many places for less than $5(USD). For more detailed information about taxis as well as a list of typical prices, read our information about Cozumel Taxis here.


Up until very recently, considering taking the bus was laughable on Cozumel. Thanks to a hold on public transportation by the local taxi unions, buses simply were not an option. The cries of local residents looking for a more affordable option were finally heard and now there is a realible bus system in place. The buses are not necessarily meant to serve tourists; you may find it hard to pinpoint a route that caters to your needs. Learn more by clicking here.


There are two ferry services that offer transport between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel throughout the day every day of the week -- and the operate on almost exactly the same schedule. Ferries are a great way to travel thanks to their low prices and scenic views, so the option is definitely something to consider. Learn more about schedules and fees here.

Making your way to Cozumel is not difficult, yet the importance of making arrangements as far in advance as possible is evident. After reviewing each option that is available to you, take the time to determine which form of transportation feels right for you on your vacation. This way you'll be able to keep an eye out for deals and book when you'll get the best price.


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