Attractions in Cruz Bay

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As a port town and the main city on the island of St. John, if anything exciting is happening on the island it is probably going down in Cruz Bay.  Here, you'll have access to many of the most important attractions, from museums to nature parks, and there are even a few gambling arcades to check out if you're feeling lucky. 


Caneel Bay

There are a small variety of beaches to consider visiting in the area. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, for vacationers who are so inclined. You can click on the name of the beach for detailed information about that particular stretch of sand.

One beach that's good for snorkeling is Salomon Bay Beach. This hidden away beach is accessible from two different points. The first takes you on a mile walk along the Lind Point Trail from a parking lot at the edge of Cruz Bay.

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Another place for beach-goers to consider is Caneel Bay. White, sandy shores and crystal blue waters are found on each of the beaches at this resort, so expect superb swimming and beautiful views from the shore. Palm trees line the beach area, providing opportunities for shade, while rolling green hills supply the backdrop.

Great Cruz Beach: Located on the west coast of St. John, Great Cruz Bay provides a well-manicured beach area that is popular with tourists, due to its proximity to the Westin Hotel. The area is fairly well developed, with restaurants and shopping centers nearby.

Of course, you'll find other beaches in the area. Follow this link to view our extended discussion of beaches for Cruz Bay.

Landmark Attractions

Cinnamon Bay Plantation Ruins

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Ivan Jadan Museum. It is located in downtown Cruz Bay. To pursue its dedication, the Ivan Jaden Museum features music, collections, and writings, as well as a number of books about the dark history of the Soviet Union, a fact that Jaden fought to reveal since leaving Russia in 1941.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Cruz Bay Battery. It is located in downtown Cruz Bay. Visitors will be able to explore the public sections of the battery anytime between 10:00am and 2:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Denis Bay Ruins: With a rich history, the Denis Bay Ruins have been many different things throughout its time on St. John. Built in the early 1700's as a sugar plantation, the property produced and sold sugar and rum using slave labor.

The region is home to a more extensive selection of places to visit. Click here to visit our discussion of other sites worth visiting in and around Cruz Bay.

Natural Attractions

Virgin Islands National Park

Franklin Powell Park is one of the local attractions that's worth a visit. <p>Located close to the ferry dock, Franklin Powell Park is a popular place for both locals and tourist to walk through and relax. You will find plenty of room to walk and some great spots where you can sit and people-watch, and a nice selection of stores and restaurants nearby that provide plenty of options for spending a relaxing few hours while waiting for your ferry, or just enjoying a tropical afternoon.</p>

Another place you might want to visit is Petroglyph Pool Waterfall. <p>Deep in the Virgin Islands National Park among tall trees, crumpling ruins, and centuries-old carvings you will be able to spot the Petroglyph Pool Waterfall. This tall fall cascades down to fill a pool that is famous for something more than the waterfall alone.</p>

These examples are just a few of your options. If you need to find more details concerning natural attractions in and near the area, can easily do so by visiting this page.


People do not generally come to Cruz Bay to gamble, although there is one such place, Parrot Club. <p>Amidst the hopping nightlife scene on St. John is Parrot Club, the island's only gaming center. This keeps things busy because tourists don't have much choice, yet, the cool atmosphere makes it clear that it would stand out even if it were not the sole option.</p>


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