Beaches in Cruz Bay

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Whether you're in it to get a tan, the possibility of watersports, or you're just up for a nice swim, a trip to Cruz Bay that doesn't include a day at the beach is one that is wasted.  The waters of the Caribbean are known for their warm, calm nature, making all of the beaches that connect to Cruz Bay perfect for families.

Beach Choices In The Area

You will discover a large selection of beaches to choose from in the area. Regardless of whether you prefer being around other people, or you like having more of the beach to yourself, you should find some appealing options. You can click on the beach names for more detail concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Honeymoon Beach

Caneel Bay: Surrounded by National Park lands on the northern coast of St. John, Caneel Bay has several beautiful white-sand beaches that match the luxury of this world-famous resort. The entrance to the main beach at Caneel Bay is through the resort, but all beaches in the Virgin Islands are open to the public.

A second alternative to consider is Great Cruz Beach. The beach features soft white sands and calm waters, making it an excellent spot for the entire family. Palm trees, beach chairs and umbrellas sit on the coast, while the bay itself will likely be full of yachts and sailboats.

Frank Bay Beach: If you are looking for a spot to escape to, this may just be the place. Surrounded by much more famous beaches, Frank Bay offers much of the same, albeit a little smaller and with the benefit of being much less crowded.

The chart just below lists more information on the the beaches found in the area.

Beaches In Cruz Bay
Name Location Coast
Caneel Bay 1.0 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Cruz Bay Beach Downtown Cruz Bay North West
Frank Bay Beach 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Great Cruz Beach 0.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Honeymoon Beach 0.7 mi. North of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Salomon Bay Beach 0.7 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay North West
Turner Bay Beach 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Cruz Bay West

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