Beaches in Cruz Bay

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Whether you're in it to get a tan, the possibility of watersports, or you're just up for a nice swim, a trip to Cruz Bay that doesn't include a day at the beach is one that is wasted.  The waters of the Caribbean are known for their warm, calm nature, making all of the beaches that connect to Cruz Bay perfect for families.

The Area's Beaches

You will find a good group of beaches to visit in the area. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, if some members of your party enjoy the underwater scene. Just click on the name of each beach for a detailed guide to that section of the coast.

Caneel Bay

One beach with snorkeling is Great Cruz Beach. Thanks to the nearby Westin Hotel and the surrounding area, guests will be able to access the beach via taxi, car, or foot.

A second alternative that beach-goers can consider is Frank Bay Beach. If you are looking for a spot to escape to, this may just be the place. Surrounded by much more famous beaches, Frank Bay offers much of the same, albeit a little smaller and with the benefit of being much less crowded.

Cruz Bay Beach: While it may not be the largest or most tropical beach on the island, this beach remains one of the more popular spots to spend a day. This is because it will likely be the first beach you see as you approach St. John on the ferry from St. Thomas.

The table directly below shows some key facts concerning the beaches available in the area.

Beaches In Cruz Bay
Name Location Coast
Caneel Bay 1.0 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Cruz Bay Beach Downtown Cruz Bay North West
Frank Bay Beach 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Great Cruz Beach 0.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Cruz Bay West
Salomon Bay Beach 0.7 mi. North-Northeast of Downtown Cruz Bay North West
Turner Bay Beach 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Cruz Bay West

Keep in mind that there are a nice selection of kinds attractions available. Navigate here to visit our article concerning other interesting attractions for Cruz Bay.


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