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There are a lot of perks to taking a taxi in Cruz Bay

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Thanks to the ferry terminal in Cruz Bay, taxis are always found cruising the streets ready to pick up passengers. If you're planning to take a day trip here from another island in the U.S. or British Virgin island chain, or you decide not to rent a car, the following information about taxi services in Cruz Bay will be of particular interest to you.

Star Fish Tours and Taxi Services

Taxi Companies

Taxis in Cruz Bay range from six to 12-seat vans to open air “safaris,” which are flat bed pickup trucks that have been converted to have a roof and bench seating. Here, the concept of a private taxi doesn't really exist. Although you can certainly pay to keep a cab to yourself, drivers will wait until the vehicle is full before disembarking, or stop to pick up more passengers along the way. Because fare goes down for each person if you share a cab, tourists generally grow fond of this idea fairly quickly.

Taxis in Cruz Bay have no sense of conformity to them. In order to determine if you've come upon a legal taxi, check for the letters “JP” on the license plate, and the driver's registration on the dash board. You'll also be able to spot a cab because of the dome light on the roof, which may be replaced with a placard that simply says “TAXI.” A sign will also be posted indicating whether or not the driver is on or off duty.

The following table enables you to contact a local taxi service.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Penns Taxi (340) 776-8294 Downtown Cruz Bay
St. John Taxi (340) 693-7530 Downtown Cruz Bay
Star Fish Tours and Taxi Services (340) 998-6139 Downtown Cruz Bay

Day-trippers, tourists who will be spending the majority of their time lounging at their resort, and guest who just don't feel entirely comfortable driving around Cruz Bay on their own will all want to take advantage of taxis during their stay.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis in Cruz Bay are not metered. Instead, the official Virgin Islands Taxi Association sets the rates based on how many passengers are in the vehicle, and the pickup and drop-off points. Be aware that rates change often, so estimates should not be a number you set in stone as a part of your budget planning.

Here are a few examples to popular locaitons. All fares are payable per-person, based on the number of people traveling together. The following examples assume you are traveling from the taxi stand near the ferry dock or another nearby point in Cruz Bay:

A taxi to Coral Bay is $12.50, to Gallows Point Resort is $4, to Great Cruz Bay and The Westin St. John Resort is $5, to to Annaberg Plantation is $12.50, to Caneel Bay is $5, to Chocolate Hole Bay is $7, to Cinnamon Bay is $8, to Maho Bay is $12.50, to the hiking trail at Reef Bay Beach is $9 and a taxi to the world famous Trunk Bay is just $8.


Estimated Taxi Fares from Cruz Bay
DestinationFare for a Single RiderFare for Multiple Riders
Coral Bay $16.00 (USD) $9.00 (USD)
Bordeaux Mountain $17.00 (USD) $11.00 (USD)
Caneel Bay Plantation $6.00 (USD) $5.00 (USD)
Catherineburg $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)
Chocolate Hole $7.00 (USD) $6.00 (USD)
Cinnamon Bay $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)
East End $25.00 (USD) $15.00 (USD)
Cruz Bay Golf Course $7.00 (USD) $5.00 (USD)
Jumbie Beach $8.00 (USD) $6.00 (USD)
Reef Bay Trail $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)

Despite the set fares, it is best that you speak to the driver to confirm your fare before taking off. There are a few extra costs that can add up, including $2(USD) per piece of luggage, $20 to $30(USD) for a dog kennel, and $1(USD) per minute that the cab has to wait on you after the first five minutes, which are free. Also, be aware that if you ride between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m., there will be an extra charge of $2(USD) per person.

One of the great things about taxis in Cruz Bay is that they can also be rented by the hour for between $40 and $80(USD) an hour depending on the vehicle and number of passengers, and they can also be reserved for island tours. Tours last for two hours and cost $50 for one passenger, $25(USD) a piece for two or more passengers. A three hour tour is $70 for one passenger and $35(USD) per passenger if there are two or more. This is a great opportunity to see the island from a local's perspective.

Day-trippers, tourists who will be spending the majority of their time lounging at their resort, and guest who just don't feel entirely comfortable driving around Cruz Bay on their own are perfect candidates for taxi use. Knowing what lies in store if this is an option on your radar will help you to make the decision regarding whether or not to utilize local taxi services during your stay.


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