Bars and Restaurants Near Mamacitas Guesthouse

1 | Café Delizioso

Pizza and Sandwiches

Situated on the premises of Benjamin Rivera Noriega, this café is three quarters of a mile (one and an eighth kilometers) north-northwest of Mamacitas Guesthouse.


2 | El Batey Bar

(787) 742-3828 | Restaurant

Situated at 250 Parque de Pelota, this restaurant is located next to (less than a quarter kilometer) north-northwest of Mamacitas Guesthouse.


6 | Guava

(787) 742-3169 | Eclectic

This bar and grill is within Club Seabourne Boutique Hotel, and is a mile or two southeast of Mamacitas Guesthouse.

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3 | Mamacitas Restaurant

(787) 742-0090 | Caribbean and Fusion Cuisine

This buffet is located on the same premises as Mamacitas Guesthouse.

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4 | The Spot

(787) 726-7993 | Bistro

Visitors will find this bistro at 1466 Ashford Condado, about 210 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Mamacitas Restaurant.

5 | El Eden

(787) 742-0509 | Sandwiches and Seafood

When you're coming from The Spot, this café will be found about 330 yards (a quarter kilometer) away.


7 | Cayo Swim-up Bistro

(787) 742-0535 | Bistro

Head 1.2 miles (2.0 km) southeast from Mamacitas Guesthouse to reach this bistro, which is located on the premises of Bahia Marina Condo-Hotel.

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8 | Shipwreck Bahia Marina

(787) 278-5100 | Bar and grill

Vacationers can find this bar and grill within Bahia Marina Condo-Hotel.

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9 | Dakity

(787) 278-5100 | Caribbean

Find this restaurant on the premises of Bahia Marina Condo-Hotel.

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The map shows 9 local food and beverage venues one can find within 2 miles of Mamacitas Guesthouse. Besides what's available onsite, another nearby place to eat is El Eden (see map number 5), located about 190 yards (a quarter kilometer) from the hotel. To get a closer view of the region, or to find details about the places shown, click around the map. The map numbers seen above match up with the numbers found in the list of restaurants that follows.

Restaurants Near Mamacitas Guesthouse
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Pizza, Sandwiches Café Delizioso 0.7 mi. (1.1 km)
2 Restaurant El Batey Bar de Papa 0.3 mi. (0.5 km)
3 Caribbean, Fusion Mamacitas Restaurant On-site
4 Bistro The Spot 0.1 mi. (0.2 km)
5 Caribbean, International, Sandwiches, Seafood El Eden 0.1 mi. (0.2 km)
6 Eclectic, Chicken, Seafood, Steak Restaurant Guava 1.1 mi. (1.7 km)
7 Bistro Cayo Swim-up Bistro 1.2 mi. (2.0 km)
8 Caribbean Shipwreck Bar and Grill Bahia Marina 1.2 mi. (2.0 km)
9 Caribbean, Seafood Dakity Restaurant 1.2 mi. (2.0 km)

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