Activities on Curacao

There is no shortage of activities to participate in on the joy-filled island of Curacao

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A vacation on Curacao can be many things: relaxing and serene, or energetic and packed fill of activity. The island's available attractions and activities support both lifestyles.

Bike and Scooter Rental

If you like the idea of seeing the sights at a slower pace, you will find 5 places that can help make it happen. To reach our complete page about bike or scooter rentals, click here.



As an island, Curacao is, of course, surrounded by water. The Caribbean Sea, as well as the numerous resort pools in the country, provide the perfect setting for a number of watersports. Curacao has been voted as one of the top spots in the Caribbean for diving, and there are a number of top snorkeling spots here as well. For that reason, you won't want to let your vacation pass you by without at least renting some snorkeling equipment to take with you to the beach.

There are 25 dive services and at least 48 different dive sites in the area. Click on this link to find our guide to diving in this area.

Events and Festivals

A great way to get to know local residents in an informal setting is at an event or festival. There are a number of options available, from music festivals (jazz and island music are especially popular) to sporting events such as regattas and fishing tournaments. Carnival is the most popular event, with people from all over the world arriving to witness the colorful costumes that islanders wear as they throw the biggest party of the season. Click here to read more about Curacao's events and festivals.


If there are some avid fishermen in your group, they'll be pleased to know 10 charter fishing services operate from this area. To visit our complete page about deep sea fishing, click here.


Old Quarry Golf Course

Like golf? You'll be pleased to know several are located in the area. The area courses are Old Quarry Golf Course, Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort, and Curacao Golf and Squash Club. For more information concerning the course, including the number of holes, location, and much more simply click on the name of the course. Anyone who needs to get more details concerning golf throughout Caribbean can do so by going to this page.

Sailing and Boating

Additional information about firms that can enable you to get out on the open water can be found in the chart below.

Boating Opportunities On Curacao
Name Phone Location
Adrenaline Tours Curacao (999) 767-6241 5.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Bounty Adventures (999) 767-9998 6.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Captain Boots (999) 513-2747 5.8 mi. East of Central Otrabanda
Mermaid Boat Trips (599-9) 560-1530 Punda
Miss Ann Boat Trips (999) 767-1579 6.1 mi. East of Central Otrabanda
Pelican Boat Trips (999) 527-0747 Willemstad
Sailing Charter Curaçao (999) 521-3464 5.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Smallfield Adventures (999) 663-4848 Willemstad

If you'd like to find out about charter operators and local marinas follow this link.


Nena Sanchez Gallery

Punda is Curacao's major commercial hub, so many vacationers hit this area first, looking for great deals on local items that they can bring home as souvenirs. Outdoor markets are a great place to look for handcrafted items such as clothing, artwork, and woodwork. Curacao is also home to one of the largest duty-free shopping centers in the Caribbean, so vacationers can stock up on luxury items, not only duty-free, but tax free as well. Shopping on Curacao shouldn't be missed.

If you have some foks who enjoy exploring new shops traveling with you, they can explore some of the 77 retail shops in the area. Click this link to see our extended discussion of shopping on Curacao.


Curacao Maritime Museum

Yet another good way to use some of your time is to explore the area's sights and natural environment. The area's sights include historic sites and a distillery. You can go to this page regarding area sightseeing attractions if you need more information.

Take a moment to read the table below for a listing of a firm that can help you enjoy some great sightseeing.

Sightseeing Services On Curacao
Name Phone Location
A.T.V. Tour (599-9) 511-4282 Willemstad
Adrenaline Tours Curacao (599-9) 767-6241 5.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Assist Travel & Tours (599-9) 462-3300 Punda
Car Rental Los Andes Tours (599-9) 868-2149 Willemstad
Casper Tours (599-9) 465-3010 Willemstad
Curacao Tropical Tours (599-9) 839-1580 Willemstad
Does Travel & Cadushi Tours (599-9) 461-1626 Willemstad
Fiesta Tours Curacao (599-9) 515-9854 Willemstad
Irie Tours 560-6696 Punda
J & S Tours (599-9) 868-3585 Willemstad
Old City Tours (599-9) 461-3554 Punda
Salinja Travel & Tours (599-9) 736-7911 Willemstad
Shete Boka (999) 864-0444 2.6 mi. East of Central Westpunt
Taber Tours (599-9) 737-6637 / (599-9) 839-1337 Punda
Tiotaxi Tours (599-9) 560-5491 Santa Catarina


If you like the idea of going snorkeling you're in luck -- you'll have plenty of chances to do so along the coast of Curacao. To navigate to our detailed page about local snorkeling opportunities, click this link.


Enjoying a spa might be the highlight of your vacation. It shouldn't be hard to find a spa you like, considering that there are 12 spas that operate in this area. For more in-depth coverage of places to relax in this area use this link.


Especially active travelers can't fathom a trip without finding some way to get in their daily exercise. You can swim laps in your resort pool, get on a machine in the fitness center, or even plan for a game of tennis. One of the best ways to get a work out in is by scheduling a hike. This will allow you to view the natural beauty of the island while burning a few calories. Horseback riding and mountain biking are also possibilities. There are two 18-hole champion golf courses on the island, and a nine-hole course on the island for avid golfers to enjoy. Click here to read more about golfing on Curacao.


Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

If you like to play tennis you might want to stay at a hotel with a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 5 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The following table summarizes some key facts. Included is the number of tennis courts on-site, whether lights are available for evening play, and a few other details. Click on each name to learn about other aspects of the property.

Accommodations with Tennis On Curacao
Property Location Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort 6.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda 4 check check
Hilton Curaçao 2.1 mi. West-Northwest of Central Otrabanda 2 check
Sunscape Curacao 2.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda 2 check
Holiday Beach Hotel and Casino 0.8 mi. West of Downtown Willemstad 2 check
Veneto Casino and Holiday Beach Resort 0.9 mi. West of Downtown Willemstad 2 check

For instance, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort offers all-inclusive pricing, to help simplify your vacation.

Other Activities

Adrenaline Tours Curacao

Information about lots of other activities are displayed in the chart below.

Other Activities On Curacao
Name Type Phone Location
Adrenaline Tours Curacao Snorkeling Tour Operator (599-9) 767-6241 5.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Adrenaline Tours Curacao Watersports Operator (999) 767-6241 5.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Athletic Health & Beauty Center Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 737-5666 Punda
Atrium Fitness & Spa Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 465-6288 Willemstad
Bazz Fun Rental Jet Ski Rental Service (599-9) 510-2299 Punda
Becker's Massage & Care Massage Therapist (999) 528-4113 Willemstad
Bob Esprit Fitness Centrum Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 737-1780 Willemstad
Bodies In Motion Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 888-8744 Willemstad
Body Beach Wellness Club Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 465-7969 Jan Thiel
Caribbean Sea Sports Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (599-9) 462-2620 2.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Otrabanda
Cas Abao Beach Water Sports Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 864-9899 1.9 mi. West-Northwest of Central St. Willibrordus
Curious2Dive Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 513-2265 Willemstad
Dolphin Academy Curacao Dolphin Encounter Service (599-9) 465-8900 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central Willemstad
Duikcentrum Van de Ven Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (999) 514-1267 Willemstad
Geoffrey's Gym Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 868-8929 / (599-9) 868-0340 Willemstad
Go West Snorkeling Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 864-0102 0.4 mi. Northwest of Central Westpunt
Goby Divers Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 662-2853 Willemstad
Javanese Massage Massage Therapist (599-9) 524-0080 Jan Thiel
Let's Go Watersports Jet Ski Rental Service (599-9) 864-0438 The vicinity of Willemstad
Ocean Encounters at Lions Dive Hotel Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 461-1831 3.2 mi. Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Ocean Encounters at the Sunscape Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 461-8131 2.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Otrabanda
Porto Mari Sports Diving Snorkeling Tour Operator (999) 864-7539 1.4 mi. West of Central St. Willibrordus
Scuba Store and More Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (999) 738-6640 Willemstad
The Fitness Studio Fitness Centers and Instructors (599-9) 510-3625 Willemstad
Veronica's Massage Massage Therapist (599-9) 461-6793 Willemstad

And this isn't it. As you journey through your vacation, attending events, hiking the landscape, or taking a dip in the cool, crisp sea, you will come across many other activities you'll want to fit into your schedule. The great thing about Curacao is that the fun is never ending, and will linger with you long after you have gone home.


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