Curacao Attractions

Along with its amazing beaches, Curaçao has plenty of great attractions

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The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao is the largest of the former Netherlands Antilles islands and is a unique and somewhat undiscovered jewel of the region.

The island boasts a captivating countryside, full of historical and cultural treasures, but its beaches are the main appeal for tourists. Travelers also visit Curaçao for its great low-import duty shopping.


Playa Porto Mari

The romantic ambiance of Curaçao's beaches creates the perfect getaway for honeymooners and couples. Most of the island's beaches are small and secluded, hidden away from the prying crowds that are associated with many other popular beach destinations in the Caribbean. As one of the region's well-kept secrets, the sands along Curaçao's shores are generally uncrowded. Not only are there very few crowds, especially during the week, but the approximately 38 beaches here are absolutely stunning.

There are beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, as well on the side facing the Caribbean. The waters of the Caribbean tend to be calmer than those on the Atlantic side, though this should not deter you from visiting spots like Knip Beach. Vacationers will find that nearly all of the beaches on Curaçao are postcard-perfect, with picturesque landscapes like gigantic rock cliffs, tropical plant life, and sapphire blue waters.

Attractions Map

There are a large number of beaches to choose from on the island. Regardless of whether you're looking forward to people watching, or you'd rather find a more secluded spot, you can find a beach that fits your preferences. Click on the name of the beach to get additional information about that particular location.

A beach scene where snorkeling is a popular is Cas Abao Beach. A pristine beach that is well loved by families with young children and watersports enthusiasts alike, this beach is often noted as one of the best on the island.

Another good option for snorkelers is Playa Porto Mari. If you're coming in the car, you'll want to head on the northwest bound road from the town of Sint Willibrordus. Staying on this will take you directly to the beach.

Jan Thiel Beach: A well-developed European-style beach built up with all the essentials and non-essentials for a fun day on the beach, Jan Thiel Beach is always busy with tourists lounging, participating in watersports, and enjoy the dining opportunities.

Fortunately, the area is home to many other choices for beaches on the island. Navigate here to visit our page concerning beaches for Curacao.

Landmark Attractions

Curacao Maritime Museum

...tour the island's liquor distillery...


Curaçao is rich in history and culture, and several museums commemorate the island's heritage. The entire city of Willemstad has been listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Take a tour of the city, taking note of the pastel colored buildings, red-roofs, and glimmering natural harbor, which hearken back to the time when Dutch settlers built the city from the ground up.

Other historical and cultural landmarks on the island include forts, statues, and bridges. One of the country's most popular exports is its Curaçao liqueur, which is made from the peel of a particular orange that is only found on the island. Vacationers can tour the island's liquor distillery and perhaps sample some of its products.

A common landmark for vacationers is Curacao Maritime Museum. It is found within downtown Willemstad. The museum is open from 9am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Curacao Museum: Hours Monday through Friday are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Sunday from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Saturdays they are closed.

Kura Hulanda Museum: This privately funded cultural museum has a vast quantity of African artifacts. Anthropology is the focus of this museum and the collections catalog the origins of man in great detail, with a lot of focus on the slave trade era.

That's not all -- you can find a wider range of other choices as well. To see our complete guide to other interesting places to visit on Curacao, click this link.

Natural Attractions

Curacao Sea Aquarium

Curacao has several marine parks, including the Curaçao Seaquarium, where visitors can view many types of aquatic creatures such as corals, sponges, and a multitude of fish species. Another way to explore Curaçao's natural environment is at one of the island's national parks. Cristoffelpark is the island's largest. Not only can visitors explore local flora and fauna (such as wild orchids and the Curacao White Tailed Deer) as they take on any one of eight hiking trails, but the island's first plantation, Plantation Savonet is also located on park property.

Caves are another category of natural attractions that will awe and inspire adventure seekers. Over 1,000 years ago, native Carib Indians utilized Hato Caves for shelter, and left petroglyphs on the wall. Close to 200 years ago, escaped slaves hid out in these very same caves, and today visitors can take in the dramatic effect that hidden lights have as they bounce off the stalactite and stalagmite formations.

One of the more popular local attractions is Curacao Marine Park. Stretching from the Breezes Hotel to the eastern tip of the island is this unofficially protected area. Currently, the law does not make it a designated marine preserve, but they are working towards that goal and continue to remain vigilant in keeping the area pristine.

Another place you might enjoy is Curacao Sea Aquarium. As an island, it is easy to understand why marine life is such an important subject. The Curacao Sea Aquarium is more than your typical aquarium.

These examples are only a few of the choices you'll find. To get more information on natural attractions on the island, go to this article.


Curacao Casinos

In the mood for some action? Travelers hoping to test their luck will discover quite a few places to do so on the island.

Curacao Casino, which is on the premises of Hilton Curaçao, is situated in the vicinity of Willemstad, Curacao. Connected to the lobby of the Hilton Curacao by a bridge, the Curacao Casino is a rainbow of color, with electronic games lighting up the floor, and lightly colored tiled flooring set in place strategically to reflect the colorful atmosphere.

Sunscape Casino, which is part of Sunscape Curacao, is located within the vicinity of Willemstad, Curacao. Take a break from the sun and the sand by spending an evening in -- at the Sunscape Casino. This clean, cool, and brightly lit facility is inviting and thrilling, allowing guests to escape from their daily worries and dream of winning big.

Carnaval Casino has a wide array of games for patrons to try out, including Blackjack and Roulette. True to its name, the decor at Carnaval easily places you in the vibrant setting akin to that of the island's annual Carnival celebration. The waitstaff even dresses up as though they were a part of the Carnaval parade.

These are only some of the options. Click this link to check out our page about gaming on Curacao.

Whether it's swimming, sunbathing, or sightseeing, Curaçao has plenty to see and do for all kinds of vacationers.


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