When is the Best Time to Visit Curacao?

Curacao's high and low travel seasons both have pros and cons

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When to Visit Curacao

With a yearly average temperature in the mid-80s (Fahrenheit), travelers can enjoy temperate weather in Curaçao throughout the year. Investigate the pros and cons of traveling at different times of the year, since when you visit can affect both the cost and style of your vacatio

...enjoy the atmosphere and excitement...

The Caribbean travel season is divided into a high season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April, and a low season, which encompasses the rest of the year. Caribbean travelers will discover, however, that there are advantages and disadvantages to both seasons. Travelers who want to avoid the crowds of the high season may be interested in visiting between April and November. Travelers who enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the high season will probably follow the crowds in the winter.


Curaçao's rainy season runs from October to February. Showers generally happen in the evening and should not be enough to deter visitors to the island, but travelers should be sure to bring bug repellent during this time. The year-round mild temperatures are tempting to people who live in colder northern regions of the globe. The island, which is located in the far south of the Caribbean and close to South America, is usually spared the threat of the Atlantic hurricane season that takes place from June through November. Still, if traveling during this time, travelers should monitor weather conditions in the region.

High Season in Curaçao

Curacao Beaches


Most visitors travel to Curaçao during the Caribbean high season, despite the increased rain that occurs in October through February. Due to the swell in demand caused by huge crowds of visitors, services such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions open their doors and expand their services to accommodate the large numbers of people.

Restaurants, bars, and clubs that may have curtailed their hours and cut staff in the off season will now be bustling with activity and youthful energy. There is also increased demand for service vendors that rent out adventure and watersports equipment, so advance reservations are recommended. Vacationers are also advised to make dinner reservations during the high season. Flashy all-inclusive resorts offer extra amenities such as entertainment, classes, and tours during this time. With such high demand for travel and accommodations arrangements during the high season, travelers are advised to secure their accommodations at least a few months in advance. Although the crowds will be the densest during these busy winter months, many people find the lure of the warmer weather and the culture and vitality in Curaçao to be more than enough reason to visit the island.

Low Season in Curaçao

Travelers who wish to enjoy Curaçao during the off season will find that temperatures are bearable and that trade winds help keep the island cool. Traveling in the off season also means avoiding the rainy season on the island. The cost of taking a Caribbean vacation during this time will decrease significantly. Air travel and accommodation costs will drop up to 50 percent during this slow season. Shops, services, and restaurants may also slash prices slightly, and travelers may find it easier to secure reservations at these establishments when the crowds are not so large. Travelers should be warned, however, that hotels, restaurants, and services may close or shorten their hours during the off season. Hotels may also use these summer months for construction and repairs.

Events and Festivals

Curacao Events and Festivals

One of the most captivating parts of a trip to the Caribbean is the local culture and festivals. Carnival festivities in Curaçao last for over a full month! Beginning in early January and lasting until the day before Ash Wednesday, Carnival features parades, music, and parties. At the end of January, the island host the Curaçao International Sailing Regatta. The end of May brings the Annual Curaçao Jazz Festival, while the Curaçao Salsa Tour Festival takes place in early August.

Travelers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of traveling during the different seasons before making their travel plans. No matter when you decide to visit Curaçao, however, there are plenty of activities, sights, culture, and beaches to create a memorable Caribbean vacation experience.


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