Curacao Buses

Riding the bus is an inexpensive way to see the sites

Photo Credit: © Anja Disseldorp CC BY

Bus service in Curaçao is quick and comfortable and is a popular means of transportation with both locals and vacationers. Riding the bus allows tourists to travel like one of the island's residents and experience more of the island's culture and scenery. Buses are also cheaper than most other means of transportation on the island.

Bus Routes


The Konvoois, the blue and yellow buses that service almost all urban parts of Curaçao, are a recommended way for tourists to travel around the island. Vacationers can recognize Curaçao's buses and minibuses by their license plates, which have large lettering that say "BUS." With their unique license plates and bright, colorful paint, this form of public transportation should be easy to locate.

Travelers can catch both minibuses and buses at main terminals, located outside the post office on the waterfront city of Punda and by the overpass in Otrobanda. Schedules are posted at these locations, and travelers find them to be most convenient with regard to hitting all of the major tourist destinations. Most buses run hourly in the city, and every two hours in western points. If you see a bus listing your particular destination, you can flag it down at any designated bus stop. If you're planning to take a bus outing on a Sunday, be aware that bus service isn't as frequent this day as it is the rest of the week.

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get to get around the city to see the sites and maybe buy a few souvenirs, you're in luck. Many hotels and resorts have free shuttles and bus service that take their guests to shopping districts in the island's capital of Willemstad. Check with your hotel to see whether or not they offer this convenient and undoubtedly affordable bus service. There are even buses with a little bit more style. A few limousines function as "C" buses, so vacationers can travel in luxury without paying high costs. To ride the bus, vacationers need only fork over about $0.56(USD) for a trip in town and to the east, and about $0.84(USD) to travel to the western parts of the island.

Autobus Bedrijf Curacao (ABC) is the organization that runs the buses on Curacao.  The headquarters is located at Industrie Terrein Buena Vista in Willemstad,  and they can be contacted at 599-9-868-4733.

Buses and minibuses allow vacationers to travel in comfort and style without having to dig too deeply into their pockets. Curaçao is a beautiful country to visit, and its public transportation system makes getting out and enjoying this tropical paradise a breeze.


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