Clothing and Attire on Curacao

Travelers should dress appropriately when they travel to Curaçao

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Clothing on Curacao

Travelers should include several important pieces of clothing when packing for their trip to Curaçao. The challenge for vacationers to this Dutch Caribbean island is to bring clothing that is relaxed and casual, but also neat.

The rainy season in Curaçao overlaps with the busy tourist season, so travelers may want to bring a light raincoat along with a bottle of bug spray. For the occasional cool and breezy evening, pack a light sweater.  Outside of packing for the type of weather you'll be experiencing, it is your daily activities that will play the largest role in helping you plan what to wear.

The Great Outdoors


The most important piece of clothing for many travelers to Curaçao will be swimwear. With many pools and 38 beaches to enjoy, travelers should pack their favorite bathing suits along with other beachwear such as sandals, tank tops, and hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect their skin from the sometimes harsh Caribbean sun. Eco-tourists and outdoor adventurers should also plan to bring active wear such as hiking shoes and durable pants. Travelers who plan to participate in other outdoor activities such as snorkeling or mountain biking may wish to bring some of their own equipment and attire.  For all of these activities, pack light weight, light colored, and breathable fabrics to help keep you cool when the temperature is high.

Resort Wear and Night Time Attire

Although it's tempting to spend all day and into the evening in beachwear, travelers should be aware that Caribbean culture frowns upon this casual attitude. Beachwear, active wear, and revealing clothing should only be worn at a beach or pool. Casual and relaxed but neat clothing should be worn when in shops, the city, or restaurants. Many restaurants do not allow sandals or shorts, and some of the nicer establishments and casinos may require a jacket. For the most part, you'll be compelled to wear clothing that is resort casual, also known as resort wear.  Think collared shirts, sundresses, and linen or khaki bottoms.  Similarly to when you are planning for days spend outdoors, when you are packing clothes to wear for an evening out, try to select fabrics that are both light and breathable, such as cotton and linen. Don't wear tight fitting clothing that could become uncomfortable in the heat.

Travelers should remember to check their itinerary when packing. If you are planning to go to casinos, nice restaurants, or to business meetings, packing a jacket and tie or appropriate dress is a good idea.  Whether you want to enjoy one of Curaçao's many beautiful beaches or take in a day of culture in Willemstad, be sure to bring clothing that will keep you comfortable and cool.


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