All About Crime on Curacao

Travelers should take safety precautions when visiting Curaçao

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Crime in Curaçao

Travelers to the Caribbean and Curaçao should remember common sense measures to prevent becoming the victims of petty crime while on vacation. Falling victim to a crime or theft, no matter how small, can seriously dampen vacationers' spirits.

While we often think of vacation spots as idyllic and preserved places where trouble will not find us, no area is free from crime. Travelers to Curaçao should take the same safety precautions that they would take in any major city or foreign destination.

Visitors to Curaçao should always be protective of their valuables and important travel documents. Passports and wallets are common targets, as are other valuables such as jewelry or electronics. Vacationers should never leave their possessions unattended, whether at the beach, in public, or even in a locked car. Rental cars and other rental vehicles are often popular targets for thieves, and the yachting and boating community has also become prey for criminals.


When in public, travelers should never flash large amount of cash or expensive items. Secure travel pouches, which can hold credit cards, cash, and passports, can be concealed under clothing. The peace of mind brought by these pouches is well worth the small investment. Travelers may also wish to keep valuables such as passports and credit cards separated among different members of their group. At your accommodations, always securely lock your doors and place your valuables in a safe. Travelers should also avoid walking along deserted beaches in the evening or in other poorly lit and empty parts of the island.

While travelers should not let worries of crime deter them from enjoying their vacation, it is a reality that should be taken seriously. If you fall victim to a crime, contact both the local authorities and your local embassy or consulate. Embassy and consulate staff members cannot provide legal representation or direct financial help, but can help you secure legal, financial, or medical help. The Consulate General for the United States in Curaçao can be contacted at:

Travelers should enjoy all of the benefits and attractions of visiting Curaçao without falling victim to a petty crime. By taking a number of commonsense safety precautions, travelers can help to keep themselves safe.



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