Curacao's currency options

Travelers can use cash, credit cards in traveler's cheques in Curaçao

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Curacao's currency options

Travelers to Curaçao can make use of cash, traveler's cheques, and many international credit cards. With plenty of opportunities for shopping, eating, and relaxing, travelers should be sure to have plenty of ways to pay for their time spent on the island.

The official currency of Curaçao is the Netherlands Antilles guilder (also called the florin). The guilder is tied to the U.S. dollar at a rate of $1(USD) to NAf1.75. Coins of the Netherlands Antilles guilder are issued in denominations of NAf0.01, NAf0.05, NAf0.10, NAf0.25, NAf0.50, NAf1, and Naf2.50. Notes are issued in denominations of NAf5, NAf10, NAf25, NAf50, NAf100, and Naf250. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted on the island by all sorts of vendors, although service vendors may have trouble changing large bills given in either U.S. dollars or Netherlands Antilles guilders. There are no restrictions for bringing cash into the country.


Many major international credit cards are accepted in Curaçao. Most vendors such as shops, hotels, restaurants, and other services will accept credit cards, and some even accept debit cards. ATMs that dispense guilders are readily available on the island and accept cards on the major networks. There are also some ATMs on the island that dispense U.S. dollars. Currency exchange is available in the airport and at most banks on the island. Banks on the island include:

  • MCB Bank

  • Banco di Caribe

  • RBTT Bank

  • Giro Bank

  • Central Bank

  • Orco Bank

  • SFT Bank

  • Scotiabank

Travelers from destinations throughout the world should have no problem exchanging cash or using their major international credit cards in order to enjoy the culture, activity, and entertainment in Curaçao.


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