Outlets and Voltage on Curacao

Vacationers will want to use their travel appliances in Curaçao

Photo credit: © Todd Davis | Dreamstime.com

Curaçao Electricity

Travelers from both North America and Europe should bring adapters and other electrical converters in order to use their appliances and electrical devices in Curaçao.

Whether drying their hair or charging a set of batteries, being able to use essential travel appliances is important for many travelers. Because the electricity in Curaçao differs from both North American and European standards, some travelers may have difficulty using some of their electrical equipment.


Electrical current in Curaçao is 110 to 130 volts at 50 cycles (AC), which is close to the United States standard of 120 volts at 60 cycles. Travelers from the United States should be able to use some of their small electrical appliances, but stronger common appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons may overheat on 50 cycles. Devices designed to run at 60 cycles, such as computers, will not run on 50 cycles. Alarm clocks and other devices with timers will also not function properly.

Travelers from Europe and other regions throughout the world will need to bring converters or adapters in order to use their small electrical appliances. Surge protectors are a good idea for any visitor to the island. Before traveling, check with your hotel or rental company to inquire about electrical plugs and any converters or adapters that you may need.

While much of your time in Curaçao is likely to be spent outdoors enjoying the beaches and other attractions, you'll probably still want to be able to use some basic electrical appliances. Bring the appropriate converters and adapters and you should be able to avoid any shocking surprises while on vacation.


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