Food on Curacao

Travelers can choose from an array of prices and cuisines when eating out in Curaçao.

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Curaçao's Food

Thankfully, for hungry travelers who have spent a day adventuring in the Curaçao Underwater Marine Park, the Christoffel National Park, or on one of the island's many beaches, Curaçao offers a number of cuisine choices that reflect the diversity of the island.


Whether you want to try the inexpensive local cuisine from the Marsche Bieuw market in Willemstad or have a hankering for an upscale Indonesian restaurant, you'll have many dining options when visiting Curaçao. Travelers on a budget have many choices on the island, from affordable local food to American fast food and local pizza joints,. Other restaurants may serve local and international cuisine at reasonable prices. Diners looking for an inexpensive meal at these types of establishments in Curaçao can eat for anywhere from $5(USD) to $15(USD).


The island also plays host to a number of nicer eating establishments and hotel restaurants (find out which hotels have restaurants on property at our article on Best Hotels for Dining Options). Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian food are readily available on the island, and items such as rijsttafel (rice served with accompaniments) are popular. Italian and French food, along with Latin American food and steakhouses, can also be found. Moderately priced meals on the island will cost travelers from $15(USD) to $30(USD), while the most expensive international cuisines will cost more than $30(USD) per meal.

When considering their dining options, travelers should keep in ming their plans and vacation itinerary. Vacationers who will be active during their trip may opt for quick and inexpensive meals at lunch and dinner. Families may favor establishments serving pizza and other foods that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Couples looking for a quiet dinner with a romantic ambiance might opt to enjoy a bottle of wine and fine cuisine at one of the island's nicer establishments. You should also note that because Willemstad is the country's capital city and the most popular tourist destination, you will be able to find the most restaurants in that area. Check out our Restaurant Directory, where you can read about restaurants and the cuisine they serve..

Culinary Styles


The cuisine of Curaçao is a flavorful blend of Dutch and Indonesian, with hints of other international fare mixed in. Ayaka, (meat tamales wrapped in banana leaves); kabritu (stewed goat), and sult (pickled pigs ears and feet), are some of the island's favorite dishes. If you have less adventurous tastes, don't worry. There are plenty of options from home and abroad that lack the overtly exotic flare. Much of the island's food must be imported, and while that may affect prices negatively, it does wonder for the variety of options available in Curaçao. Read our article on Culinary Styles in Curaçao to learn more about the food the island has to offer.


Curaçao's most popular alcoholic beverage was discovered by accident when the Spanish Valencia orange was brought to the island, but unable to flourish in the climate. Instead, a bitter-tasting orange called the Lahara orange was spawned. The peel of the Lahara, mixed with a variety of exotic spices created Curaçao Liqueur, a must have for islanders and visitors alike. For something with less of a kick, local fruit juices make the optimal choice.

Ultimately, travelers should choose restaurants and foods that fit their plans and appeal to their taste buds. With so many options, you should have no problem finding flavorful and diverse cuisine to satisfy you while in Curaçao.


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