How to Get the Info You Need for Your Trip to Curacao

Travelers can consult many sources to learn about the island

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Whether you go to enjoy the plentiful shopping opportunities or simply to relax and enjoy one of Curaçao's beaches, you can learn much about vacationing in this part of the former Netherlands Antilles by consulting the many different electronic, print, and human resources that are available.

The Internet is currently the most bountiful and easily accessible source of information for travelers researching vacations to the Caribbean. The Internet provides a wealth of information that can be customized for specific research concerns. For travelers looking for a specific type of activity, attraction, or accommodation in Curaçao, a simple query through a search engine such as Google can yield thousands of results that are generally ranked by their relevance. While these types of searches may be useful as you finalize your plans in the later stages of your research, the Internet can also be a valuable tool in the beginning of your search. This site aims to provide travelers with a comprehensive and extensive database of information regarding Curaçao. We also offer users an interface that allows them to easily locate and browse the information that they are looking for, whether it be about yachting or passports. Another site that can be a good source of information is the Web site of the Curaçao Tourist Board ( Travelers can also consult the general Caribbean Tourism Organization ( Tourist boards can be good sources for verifying information. Spending time reading through these various sources will give travelers a helpful collection of information for traveling to Curaçao.

For prospective travelers who feel uncomfortable with or do not have ready access to the Internet, a trip to a local bookstore can provide fruitful research results. The travel section will house guidebooks detailing travel information for destinations throughout the Caribbean, including Curaçao. General Caribbean guidebooks, with their overviews of different locations, can be especially useful for travelers who have not yet decided on an island or set of islands to visit. Once you have decided to travel to Curaçao, there are likely to be several different guidebooks to choose from that deal exclusively with the island. These books will offer travelers in-depth information regarding many aspects of their trip. Some books may cater to certain types of travelers, such as young single travelers, families, or older travelers. Taking a few moments to scan through several books will help travelers choose the right book for their type of vacation. Travelers who may need access to information during their travels can purchase a book to carry with them while they are in Curaçao.


While in the bookstore, researchers can also consult a number of travel magazines, some of which deal directly with the Caribbean. Look for feature articles and advertisements that may be relevant for travel to Curaçao. Other feature articles may have helpful tips for general travel. Since magazines generally cover a wide variety of areas and topics, it may be difficult to find information regarding Curaçao in a current magazine issue. Travelers can turn back to the Internet at this point to consult the Web sites of various magazines. Many will maintain archives of their articles and allow researchers to conduct a keyword search to identify past articles that have addressed Curaçao.

Once back on the Internet, prospective travelers can consult Internet travel vendors and business directories to begin to construct their itinerary and travel arrangements. Internet travel vendors give users the ability to search for accommodations, transportation, and air or cruise fares to a specific place within a specified time period. This type of search will yield a list of services, companies, and prices that will give travelers an idea of their many options. Hotels generally have descriptions that will give travelers an idea of the amenities offered. Air travel sites will list a variety of flight times, carriers, and prices. Many sites also offer packages that include airfare, accommodations, a rental car, and recreation and tours. These sites are divided into general travel sites and Caribbean travel sites. Each type of site can be a good resource for learning about services and costs. These sites are also extremely useful when it comes time to book your travel.

Online business directories can also provide travelers with a list of local businesses, restaurants, and recreation service providers. Researchers can use these sites for everything from finding an adventure company that rents windsurfing equipment to locating a certain type of restaurant. These business directories usually provide addresses, names, phone numbers, and even Web site addresses.

Before leaving the Internet, travelers can search through a final resource: Internet message and bulletin boards. Travelers can find these bulletin and message boards on all kind of Web sites, from travel and magazines sites to personal sites. Visitors who access these boards can browse through long lists of discussions, questions, and responses concerning different topics in Curaçao. You may find that your questions are similar to questions that have already been asked, and that the discussion board leads you to new resources or answers. Additionally, researchers usually have the option of registering with the Web site to gain the ability to post their own questions to the boards. Although these boards can be a good way of brainstorming, getting ideas, and even getting answers to your questions, they are not official sources of information. While most people who use the boards will be helpful, the information you receive on these boards may not always be trustworthy or reliable. Exercise good judgment and caution. Never give away personal information to others over the Internet, and verify important facts with other sources.

While the Internet may not always be reliable, friends and coworkers can be a good way to get trustworthy and firsthand information concerning Curaçao. It could be that your interest in Curaçao is first sparked by hearing the conversation of a coworker. Maybe a friend visited with family or on a honeymoon. Try to take full advantage of these resources. People who have been to the island can provide you with helpful information on the nuances of getting around and blending in while on your vacation. Friends can alert you to any bad experiences they may have had and tell you how to avoid them, and can also provide you with information on prime activities and locales.

There are many ways to find information regarding Curaçao. Spending enough time researching and planning your trip will yield the greatest reward: a vacation that is everything you want it to be.


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