Klien Curacao

On this small island - a half mile from tip to tip - the beach runs around the entire perimeter. The western section is more popular with visitors as this is where you'll find the islands only facilities. Day trips are available; charter boats taking about 2 hours each way. With fantastic visibility above and below the water, sea turtles, dolphins, and other exciting marine creatures are commonly seen. The lighthouse on this small island is an additional interesting feature.

Located in the heart of the island of Klein Curacao, Klien Curacao is on the South coast of the island, You might want even if you aren't staying in the immediate vicinity. Even if you love being in the middle of all the action, there are some perks to visiting a beach that isn't packed full of hotel guests; less popular beaches like Klien Curacao let you escape people-watchers and rowdy beachgoers.

How to Access The Beach

You'll need to take a boattrip out to this mostly deserted island 15 miles off the southeast coast of mainland Curacao.

Amenities and Ambiance

Snorkeling and diving are real treats at Klien Curacao, where beginners and experts can find something to their liking. If you are a novice, you'll want to stick to the western side where the water is protected and calmer. The sand on the beach is powdery, fine, and endlessly walkable. Don't forget the sunscreen though as shaded areas are extremely scarce.

Unfortunately, restrooms will not be available here, but you may be able to find facilities at a nearby business. Fortunately, umbrellas can be used by guests hoping for a break from the hot sun.

Guests who want to enjoy the amenities provided here will be thankful; Klien Curacao is found in an area which is rarely overpopulated. Taking that into consideration, straining to obtain an available comfort here is not a thing you will be forced to do regularly, no matter what the time is when you get there.

What's Nearby


You'll find this beach on the South coast of Klein Curacao. It is close to Curacao Marine Park, which is found 11 and a half miles to the west, and it is one of a few attractions in the region.

Historical attractions like Fort Beekenburg offer the perfect compliment to an afternoon at Klien Curacao, and give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Curaçao's past, without having to leave the coast. As a matter of fact, this site can be found 16 miles to the west-northwest of this place of historical significance.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there will be more options available in Curaçao. The following table contains attractions that are the closest.

Activities and Attractions Near Klien Curacao
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Curacao Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.5 W Curacao
Old Quarry Golf Course Golf Course 14.3 WNW Curacao
Fort Beekenburg Historical Site 15.8 WNW Curacao
Serena's Art Factory Art Gallery 16.1 NW Curacao
Diamond Beach Casino Casino 17.0 WNW Curacao

Cities and Towns

It might take some time to get there, but Willemstad is the closest population center. though you may find some small-scale towns nearer to the beach.


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, it depends on several things: the season, the weather, even how many hotel rooms have been booked nearby.

Don't expect to find any of Curaçao's popular resorts lining this beach, though if you're trying to elude throngs of travelers, the shortage of places to stay will be welcomed.


There aren't any restaurants right on this coast, so it would be a good idea to plan a picnic for your day in the sun.

Other Beaches

Travelers searching for the perfect beach will have other options if Klien Curacao doesn't suit their tastes.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Barbara Beach, located 15 miles away. Others might prefer Daibooibaai, which could provide a little more opportunity for excitement, and isn't far from additional things to do and see nearby. It's located 33 and a half miles to the west-northwest.

You may also want to consider Caracasbaai, located 16 miles away.

While the area offers plenty of picturesque views and exciting attractions, Klien Curacao is both a relaxing, sunny hangout and a stunning natural feature.


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