How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation on Curacao

Travelers have many decisions to make as they plan their vacation

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The decisions that you make as you plan your vacation should be directly informed by the type of vacation you wish to take and by who you will be taking it with. Travelers who know which island they plan to visit, along with where they want go and what they want to do, will find it easier to make decisions.

Narrow Your Search (Which place is best for me?)

Visitors need to go through a number of steps before they can narrow down their vacation to a particular location on a particular island. Travelers must first decide which Caribbean island to visit. Curaçao offers many attractions, from its rich cultural history to its beautiful beaches and unique flora and fauna. The decision to visit Curaçao is not a hard one. But the decision of where to stay once you are on the island may be slightly more challenging. Travelers should consider what sort of activities, attractions, and luxuries they wish to indulge in while on vacation.


Those who are looking for culture, shopping, and nightlife may wish to stay in Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. This vibrant city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers much to travelers looking to shop or enjoy the culture of the island. Other travelers may wish to stay away from the city and elect to stay in a beach resort or villa located on one of the many beaches. Travelers seeking eco-tourism and adventure may gravitate to the west side of the island where they can enjoy the protected nature preserve of Christoffel Park or hiking along the coast at Boka Tabla. Scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world come to Curaçao for diving in the Curaçao Underwater Marine Park. Divers may be inclined to stay nearby on the eastern side of the island.

Whether you prefer to be in the midst of crowds and culture, or prefer to find peace and seclusion in more natural settings, Curaçao offers a number of accommodation options. Visitors may also wish to consider their itinerary to decide whether the attractions and activities that they have planned will merit staying in a certain region of the island. Travelers can save themselves travel time and transportation costs by making these decisions wisely.

Arrivals (How will I get there?)

There are several ways to get to Curaçao by air and by sea, and travelers will often include their transportation as a part of their vacation. The international airport in Curaçao, located just north of Willemstad, allows travelers from all over the world to conveniently and easily reach the island on airlines such as American and KLM.

Willemstad is also a popular stop for cruise ships carrying passengers who have boarded in the United States and Caribbean. Cruises are a popular way for travelers to see a number of different islands in one trip. Passengers are likely to spend only eight or nine hours in Curaçao, however, so travelers seeking a more complete experience of the island may not opt for cruise travel.

Yachters who are drawn to the south of the Caribbean can dock their vessels in Spanish Water Bay. Sailing and yachting are ways that many vacationers integrate their means of transportation into their vacation.

Travelers should also consider their transportation options once they reach the island. For visitors who will be touring the island or taking a number of day trips from Willemstad, a rental car may be a good option. Others, who will be mostly staying at their resort or in a single area, may be able to rely on taxis and buses.

On the Island (Where will I go and what will I do?)

Once you have decided how to get to Curaçao and where you will stay, next consider your itinerary and activities. Travelers should research adventure services, restaurants, museums, and nature preserves to see what kind of attractions interest them. Travelers who plan to take day trips may need to make reservations and transportation arrangements in advance. Those interested in shopping and nightlife will want to stay close to all of the activity in Willemstad.

Vacationers who are traveling with young children should plan appropriate types of activities to entertain the whole family. The Curaçao Seaquarium, nice beaches, and other attractions will appeal to families with children. Adventuring travelers who are traveling alone or with groups of friends may wish to explore more of the unspoiled parts of the island before coming back to Willemstad to enjoy the nightlife.

Curaçao offers much to travelers who decide to visit the beautiful island. After enjoying the history and culture of Willemstad or the scuba diving and nature preserves in other areas of the island, the decision to visit Curaçao again will be an easy one.


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