Restaurants on Curacao

With so many choices, picking a restaurant on Curacao may be a hard decision

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Restaurants in Curaçao

It is almost certain that no traveler will ever go hungry while visiting Curaçao. The island has so many different styles of cuisines with culinary influences from around the world that vacationers are sure to find yummy dishes to satisfy their particular tastes. The island's culturally diverse restaurants range from sophisticated and expensive to cheap and tasty street vendors.

Restaurants on the island serve authentic Curaçaon dishes as well as some of the same foods that you can find in other countries like the United States, the Netherlands, and Indonesia, just to name a few. Where you decide to eat will probably be based on what you have a taste for at the time. Many tourists want to experience the culture of the island and sample some of the local cuisines, which are a combination of international dishes with a local flare.  To learn more about all of Curaçao's cuisine offerings, read out article on Culinary Styles in Curaçao.


Travelers who want to visit some of the fine dining establishments on the island will find theses places to be exquisite, but pricey. The island's up-scale restaurants serve dishes like lobster and eel and charge anywhere from about $20(USD) to $60(USD) for the main course.

If you're not looking to spend that kind of money on food, you can find many moderately priced restaurants that serve delicious dishes for about $9(USD) to $24(USD) per meal. Budget travelers who don't want to sacrifice taste can find budget restaurants that prepare some of the island's local foods as well as several American restaurant chains like Denny's and Pizza Hut. Patrons of these restaurants can expect to spend as little as $6(USD) per meal. Many of the island's restaurants are often busy with tourists, especially during the high season, so it is recommended that you make reservations, even at some of the less expensive dining establishments.

Regardless of how much you plan to spend, you can seek out restaurants through our Restaurant Directory. Search restaurants by name, or if you are interested in a particular cuisine, check out the table below. No matter where you dine on when you're visiting the island, most restaurants add a 6 percent tax and a 10 percent to 12 percent service charge to the final bill. You may also leave an extra tip if you received excellent service.

Restaurants By Cuisine
Cuisine Restaurants Locations
Afghan 1 Restaurant the vicinity of Willemstad
American 17 Restaurants Punda, downtown Willemstad, Brievengat, Westpunt, Willemstad, the vicinity of Willemstad
Argentenian 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Asian 3 Restaurants Willemstad, Punda, the vicinity of Willemstad
Asian Fusion 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Brazilian 1 Restaurant Santa Catarina
Cajun 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Caribbean 16 Restaurants Curacao, Punda, downtown Willemstad, Piscadera Bay, Otrabanda, Willemstad, Piscadera, Jan Thiel, the vicinity of Willemstad, Brievengat
Chinese 4 Restaurants Willemstad
Creole 2 Restaurants Willemstad, Westpunt
Cuban 3 Restaurants the vicinity of Willemstad, downtown Willemstad
Dutch 3 Restaurants Curacao, the vicinity of Willemstad, Westpunt
European 1 Restaurant Piscadera
French 7 Restaurants Punda, Curacao, Westpunt, Willemstad, Jan Thiel, the vicinity of Willemstad
Fusion 1 Restaurant Piscadera
Greek 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Indonesian 3 Restaurants Willemstad, Curacao
International 27 Restaurants Punda, downtown Willemstad, Piscadera Bay, Otrabanda, Willemstad, Piscadera, Jan Thiel, the vicinity of Willemstad
Italian 8 Restaurants Willemstad, Punda, the vicinity of Willemstad, downtown Willemstad
Japanese 2 Restaurants Willemstad
Lebanese 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Mediterranean 3 Restaurants Jan Thiel, the vicinity of Willemstad, Westpunt
Mexican 2 Restaurants Willemstad, Punda
Pan Asian / Pacific Rim 1 Restaurant Punda
Swiss 1 Restaurant Punda
Thai 1 Restaurant Willemstad
Contemporary 1 Restaurant the vicinity of Willemstad
Eclectic 7 Restaurants Willemstad, Punda, the vicinity of Willemstad, Otrabanda, downtown Willemstad

Curaçao is one of the dressier islands in the Caribbean, and most of the expensive restaurants enforce a formal dress code, which means a nice long sleeved shirt and slacks for men and a sun dress or nice shirt and pants for women. Sandals, shorts, and other beachwear are considered to be inappropriate for dining and are prohibited in many restaurants. If you're uncertain about what to wear, it's probably best to dress up.

Many of Curaçao's restaurants have outdoor dining rooms on the patios of historic plantation homes or on the ramparts of military forts.  You also have the option of shopping in the open air markets for food served up at vendor carts.  Even many of the island's hotels have restaurants located on site, which you can learn about when you visit our article on the Best Hotels for Dining Options.  Keep in mind that in Curaçao, many restaurants have a smoking section, so remember to ask to sit in the non-smoking section if this is an issue for you.

Vacationers are sure to enjoy the eclectic mix of cuisine on Curaçao during their island retreat.


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