Wanna Talk on Curacao?

Placing a call while on the island may require quite a few numbers

Photo credit: © Ximagination | Dreamstime.com

Undoubtedly, most vacationers will want to remain in contact with their home countries while visiting the island of Curaçao. The process of making a phone call to places outside of the island is fairly simple, but there are quite a few numbers to be dialed. Most travelers should have no problem using the phone if they remember to use all of the necessary numbers.

In order to call Curaçao from your home country, you must first dial the international code of "011". If you're calling from the United States, you must dial the international code plus the country code of "599", followed by "9" (which is the digit that telephone numbers on the island begin with), and then the local phone number. There are no internal area codes on the island, and most local numbers contain severn digits, but this can vary for special numbers that may contain three or four digits.

To call outside of the island while in Curaçao, you will first need to dial "00" followed by the country code and the relevant telephone number. Vacationers can make inter-island calls by dialing the local telephone number directly. Public phones are available on the island, and travelers may want to invest in a phone card, which are available at post offices, gas stations, and snack bars. Calling cards can make international calling less expensive than dialing the number directly. Travelers should also be able to use some cellular phones on the island since Curaçao is covered by a GSM network. Internet access is available at local Internet cafes.

It's easy to stay in touch with family and friends while in Curaçao as long as you remember to dial the appropriate numbers.


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