How Then Shall We Tip on Curacao?

Travelers should always budget money for tips

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Travelers to foreign countries are often unfamiliar with local etiquette standards, but should make an effort to learn about local customs such as tipping standards before traveling to Curaçao or anywhere else.

Hardworking members of the service industry, including restaurant, hotel, and transportation staff, often rely on tips in order to make a living. And most of these tips come from foreign visitors. Travelers can show their appreciation for helpful service and their respect of local customs by tipping service industry workers the appropriate amount.


Hotels bills in Curaçao generally include both a government sales tax and a service charge. The government room tax will be 7 percent of the bill, while the service charge will come to 12 percent. Additionally, bellhops and porters should generally receive $1(USD) per bag. Cleaning service staff should be left a few dollars per night. Travelers should always check with their hotel or resort for tipping policies. Many all-inclusive resorts prohibit additional tips to their staff as a result of the included service charge.

Restaurants in Curaçao have a sales tax of 5 percent of the bill. Additionally, many restaurants also include a service charge of 10 percent to 15 percent of the bill. Travelers who were pleased with the level of service and friendliness that they have received can leave an extra 5 percent to 10 percent on top of the included service charge. This brings the total tip for good service in line with the tipping standards at U.S. restaurants. Waitstaff may go out of their way to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience in Curaçao, and should be tipped appropriately if they do so.

Vacationers who choose to use taxis as their primary means of transportation around the island may also want to set aside money for tips. Taxi drivers will often help with luggage and can also act as friendly guides to sites around the island. While tipping is not mandatory, most visitors tip taxi drivers around 10 percent of the fare.

Travelers have many budgeting concerns as they plan and prepare for a trip to Curaçao. With members of the local service industry going out of their way to provide vacationers with a relaxing and memorable vacation experience, travelers should be sure to set aside a small part of their budgets for tips.


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