Rain on Curacao

Photo credit: © Lidian Neeleman | Dreamstime.com

Curacao is known for its very distinct rainy and dry seasons, which makes it easy for tourists to plan their getaways in order to avoid showers driving them indoors – though running for cover is rarely necessary.  In fact, rainfall is such a non-factor that the height of tourist season overlaps the heaviest months of rain.  

Curacao's location so near the equator means continued and steady warm weather throughout the year, but the cooling trade winds in the spring and occasional rain showers in the fall help to keep things from becoming unbearable.  As previously mentioned, rain is not a burden on this island.  Instead, it is so rarely an issue that locals welcome it. 

The first nine months of the year, the island sees little to no rain. During these months, the average cumulative amount of rain is between a half an inch and one and half inches.  On occasion, the island may get up to two inches of rain, but it is rare.  October, November, and December are the rainy season months, but even then averages stay below four inches.  

The typical pattern of rainfall here is short sprinklings that are hardly ever even strong enough to warrant an umbrella.  They tend to occur overnight, leaving the days bright and sunny and just slightly cooler for active explorers.  While you may be able to leave your umbrella behind, it is absolutely essential that you bring bug repellant, as the bug population makes itself better known after a shower.

Rainfall Monthly Averages
        % Days with
Month Average
Rain Tstorm
January 2.1 6.4 0.1 59.4 0.0
February 1.1 4.5 N.A. 50.7 0.0
March 0.7 2.9 N.A. 40.9 0.0
April 0.9 10.1 N.A. 37.9 2.0
May 0.8 3.7 N.A. 40.4 3.0
June 0.8 4.1 N.A. 47.9 2.0
July 1.3 3.4 0.2 46.3 5.0
August 1.7 8.4 N.A. 45.7 8.0
September 1.7 8.8 N.A. 41.3 14.0
October 3.2 14.7 0.2 47.1 19.0
November 3.6 11.5 0.1 64.6 11.0
December 3.7 15.2 0.2 71.0 4.0
Annual 21.3 42.9 10.6 49.3 6.0

The short rain season on the island makes it easy to plan a vacation around poor weather.  If you do end up having to travel when the forecast calls for rain, make sure to have a back up plan for indoor activities and you'll avoid spoiling your entire getaway. 


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